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4 Potential Side Effects of the Paleo Diet – Healthline

Posted: May 16, 2022 at 1:44 am

The paleo diet is a way of eating meant to resemble the dietary pattern of human ancestors during the Paleolithic era, which took place about 2.5 million years ago (1).

Although their dietary patterns varied depending on geographic region, prehistoric people consumed diets rich in protein sources, like insects, game animals, and seafood, as well as plants like fruits, tubers, nuts, and seeds (1).

Obviously, the world and our food supply is a little different now, so the modern-day paleo diet focuses on consuming whole, minimally-processed foods.

People following a paleo diet avoid consuming grains, dairy, most types of added sugar, legumes, and certain oils, like canola oil (2).

A well-rounded paleo diet can absolutely be a healthy choice and may improve certain aspects of health. However, if you dont plan a paleo diet carefully, it could lead to several side effects (3, 4, 5).

Here are 4 potential side effects of the paleo diet.

Most people dont consume nearly enough fiber on a daily basis.

In fact, the majority of people in the United States only consume about 15 grams of fiber per day, which is well below the current recommendations. Experts say women under 50 should consume 25 grams per day and men under 50 should consume 38 grams per day (6).

This lack of fiber is because most modern-day diets are high in ultra-processed foods and low in fiber-rich foods, including fruits and vegetables.

A paleo diet is high in fiber-rich plant foods, like vegetables, fruits, and nuts. A person transitioning from a low fiber diet to a paleo diet could experience diarrhea as a result.

Higher fiber diets, like well-planned paleo diets, could cause diarrhea in someone whos not used to higher fiber foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

This is because foods high in insoluble fiber can have a laxative effect, which can cause diarrhea (6).

For some people such as those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) eating a diet higher in fat, like a paleo diet, could also lead to digestive symptoms, including diarrhea (7).

In fact, one study found that eating a paleo diet increased participants risk of having diarrhea. In the study, 39 healthy women consumed either a paleo diet or a generally healthy diet that included grains and dairy for 4 weeks.

The women following the paleo diet had significantly higher rates of diarrhea compared with the general diet group (8).

Higher fiber diets, such as well-planned paleo diets, could cause diarrhea in someone whos not used to higher fiber paleo-friendly foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Some people think the paleo diet is a low carb diet thats high in animal protein, but that isnt necessarily the case.

Although the paleo diet cuts out common sources of carbs, such as grains, carb-rich snack foods, and added sugar, its rich in high fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

If a person is following a paleo diet thats very low in carbs and isnt eating enough fiber from produce, nuts, and other paleo-friendly fiber sources, they could experience constipation.

For example, if a person switches from a high carb, plant-based diet to a low carb paleo-like diet, they will significantly reduce their intake of fiber, which can negatively affect the digestive system (9).

Fiber adds bulk to stool and helps it move comfortably through the digestive tract.

Not eating enough fiber can lead to constipation, which can be painful and negatively affect your health (6, 10).

To ensure youre getting enough fiber on the paleo diet, its important to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

If youre following a paleo diet thats low in fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other paleo-friendly fiber sources you could experience constipation.

Findings from a recent study suggest that people following a paleo diet long-term may experience negative changes in their gut bacteria.

One study followed 44 people who were on a strict paleo or modified paleo diet and 47 people following regular diets for at least a year.

It found that the participants following the paleo diet had lower levels of certain beneficial bacteria and higher levels of harmful Hungatella bacteria (11).

Having higher levels of these bacteria may be harmful because of a compound they produce called trimethylamine (TMA).

Certain gut bacteria, including Hungatella, produce TMA after breaking down compounds found in red meat, eggs, and dairy. TMA is turned into trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO).

Having higher levels of TMAO has been associated with an increased risk of certain conditions, like heart disease and kidney disease (12, 13).

The study above found that the participants who followed a strict paleo diet had higher levels of TMAO compared with the groups that followed a modified paleo diet or a regular diet.

Whats more, they found that the groups that followed a strict paleo or modified paleo diet also had a lower intake of resistant starch. When gut bacteria ferment this type of starch, they release beneficial compounds called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) (11, 14).

SCFAs act as a fuel source for the cells lining the colon and are involved in many other aspects of health (15).

Because of these considerations, researchers have suggested that following a diet that completely restricts grains and legumes for a long time period may not be beneficial for gut health (11).

However, more research is needed to fully understand how the paleo diet affects gut health.

Some research findings suggest that following a paleo diet long-term could negatively affect gut health by reducing the abundance of beneficial bacteria and increasing numbers of TMA-producing Hungatella bacteria.

Any poorly planned diet can cause you to feel off and have lower energy than usual.

If a paleo diet is too restrictive, it could lead to low energy levels and feelings of tiredness. Too restrictive means it doesnt provide enough calories or certain nutrients, such as carbs.

Low carb intake may be one important cause of fatigue. Low carb diets, including the ketogenic diet, have been shown to cause fatigue. Research suggests this may be due to depleted glycogen stores that can happen with a low carb diet (16, 17).

Glycogen is a form of energy stored in your muscles and liver. Your body uses it as a quick fuel source (18).

Remember, the paleo diet is not necessarily considered a low carb diet. You can increase the carbs in a paleo diet by including more paleo-friendly carb sources, such as sweet potatoes, winter squash, and fruit.

Nonetheless, if a paleo diet doesnt provide the energy and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, you may experience fatigue.

A poorly planned paleo diet that doesnt contain adequate calories or carbs may negatively affect energy levels.

Even though some studies have found that the paleo diet may lead to a few side effects, most studies have found that the diet is generally well-tolerated and isnt associated with adverse health effects.

In fact, one study showed that the paleo diet may even be a better choice for psychological health compared with other popular diets.

The study analyzed the psychological effects of five dietary patterns, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo, and weight loss diets.

People following paleo dietary patterns reported the lowest levels of disordered eating symptoms, food cravings, emotional eating, and negative emotions (19).

Interestingly, the paleo diet was associated with more positive psychological characteristics even when compared with a normal, unrestricted diet group (19).

Plus, the paleo diet may positively influence other aspects of health, including metabolic health (3, 4, 5).

So, how do you follow a balanced and nutritious paleo diet thats unlikely to cause side effects?

Here are a few helpful tips:

Additionally, any dietary pattern including an unrestricted dietary pattern has the potential to lead to low or deficient nutrient intakes.

Cutting out food groups like legumes, all grains, and dairy could increase your risk of underconsuming certain nutrients. However, studies show that paleo diets and modified paleo diets are of minimal nutritional risk compared with a standard eating pattern (20, 21, 22).

Still, its a good idea to keep an eye on your nutrients. For example, a person following a strict paleo diet should focus on getting enough calcium through nondairy sources, like leafy greens, seeds, sardines, and nuts.

Also, certain nutrient deficiencies are common no matter the type of diet youre consuming. For example, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies worldwide (23).

Whatever diet you follow, consider having your vitamin D levels tested, and take vitamin D3 if your levels are low.

To minimize the risk of side effects and nutrient deficiencies, its important to focus on consuming regular, nutrient-dense, balanced meals. Adding in fiber and following a less restrictive modified paleo diet may also help.

The paleo diet can be a healthy dietary pattern. However, like any restrictive diet, it may lead to some side effects.

Studies show that some people may experience diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, and changes in gut bacteria when following a paleo dietary pattern.

To minimize the chances of experiencing side effects and to make sure youre getting enough nutrition, eat regular and balanced meals that include a variety of nutritious, paleo-friendly foods.

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Ways to improve your health in less than a minute – Southern Courier

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If youve ever pondered ways to improve your health in less than a minute, youre not alone. There are some simple ways to achieve that seemingly impossible goal, and its simpler than you think.

One sure way to improve your health is to dig into some healthy recipes made with deliciously wholesome ingredients and Flora Plant BUTTERTM for breakfast, lunch, supper or even snack time!

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. J. Stanford.

Here are a few ways to improve your health in less than a minute, and while you are at it, consider these healthy living tips.

5 ways to improve your health in less than a minute

Hows that for some fabulous health tips to help kickstart your journey to a new and improved, healthier you in 60 seconds.

Improved health and well-being are a lifestyle; with these five ways to improve your health in less than a minute, you can quickly and efficiently complement your healthy lifestyle!

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Ways to improve your health in less than a minute - Southern Courier

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Health benefits of ‘true tea’ support including drink in dietary guidelines, researchers argue –

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Over the last 10 years, or even 15 years, the evidence has been building to the point where I think we have what I would suggest are very clear data that support tea consumption, beyond the current recommendations in the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, said Mario Ferruzzi with the Arkansas Childrens Nutrition Center University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

He explained at the recent Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health that systematic research conducted in the past 20 years offers very definitive data that true tea from the Camellia sinensis plant has the potential to modify risk for several chronic and degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular, diabetes and neurodegenerative processes.

He also noted that many Americans confuse true tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant, with herbal tisanes, which may also deliver health benefits, but for which the research around Camellia sinensis does not apply.

To ensure that consumers get the benefits of tea and distinguish it from other tea-like beverages, such as herbal infusions, he argued that clear dietary guidance is necessary. Updating the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to include a recommendation for tea also would help establish a standard for generating products that consistently support the benefits outlined in clinical and other analysis.

Such a change would be a significant shift for the DGA, which are inthe early steps of being updated for 2025-2030.The current dietary guidelines for Americans primarily discuss tea in terms of the amount of added sugar that is frequently consumed in the beverage and which can lead to excessive calorie consumption, Ferruzzi notes.

While this is important, he argues the guidelines should also address the benefits of unsweetened tea, including the beneficial relationship between non-nutritive bioactive compounds found in the beverage, such as flavonoids, with long-term health outcomes.

This may be easier said than done, however, because even though research supporting the health benefits of flavonoids in tea is mounting, there is still no established dietary reference intakes, which is absolutely critical for creating guidelines, he said.

We have some evidence to suggest based on meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials, as well as some of the observational studies, that a DRI for tea in the 200 to 400 to 600 milligram range, which translates roughly to one to two cups of tea conducted by standard brewing practices could be beneficial, he said.

Even if establishing a DRI is not in the cards in the short term, Ferruzzi argued, using that process can help guide us in a direction where we can build additional recommendations that are more accurate and relevant for consumers in the context of a diverse range of tea products that we have out on the market.

Among the research that supports consuming two cups of unsweetened tea daily for health benefits is an umbrella review of 39 large population studies slated for publication this spring that examines the extent to which daily tea consumption is inversely associated with adverse cardiometabolic outcomes, Taylor Wallace, principle and CEO of the Think Healthy Group and a professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at George Mason University, said at the conference.

He explained that the studies are all very consistent in showing tea intake reduces the risk of all-cause mortality on average by 1.5%, including a 4% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease mortality, 2% lower risk of CVD events and 4% lower risk of strokes.

While this shift might not seem that huge, Wallace noted that it is the impact of just one component of the diet. We like to think of nutrition science as a reductionist approach, but people dont just consume tea. They also have a whole host of other dietary patterns that can accumulate and have large effects.

In addition, he said, smaller randomized control trials allude to teas influence over several biological mechanisms in the body, so what we call flow mediated dilation, which is the elasticity of the veins and arteries and how blood can easily flow through the body.

He also noted there might be some effects on certain lipids and blood pressure, and cross communication proteins that regulate inflammation in the body, which is important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other research shows potential benefits of tea in preventing cancer, 30-40% of which could be prevented by modifiable risk factors, such as increasing physical activity and following a healthy diet, said Raul Zamora-Ros with the Nutrition and Cancer Unit at the Catalan Institute of Oncology at Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute.

He explained that there is evidence that tea flavonoids may act via antioxidant, anti-angiogenesis and anti-inflammatory mechanisms as well as modifying the gut microbiota profile.

Further evidence presented at the symposium by Dayong Wu at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University suggests including tea in a healthful food patterns could increase the bodys resistance to illness.

He noted green tea and catechins decrease pathogens ability to infect hosts and improve autoimmune disorders by promoting self-tolerance and suppressing autoantigen-inducing inflammatory attacks.

He explained this could be possible by green tea and green tea catechins' ability to inhibit viral absorption, penetration, membrane fusion and replication in the upper respiratory tract, enhance clearing of virus and reduce tissue damage by scaling back inflammation and oxidative effects.

For all the beneficial correlations of tea and health, the beverage also does not pose any risk as long as it is consumed unsweetened, noted Wallace.

There is no adverse events and no harm from consuming tea as long as you are consuming unsweetened tea that doesnt provide a lot of added sugar to the diet, he said, adding, So, from a public health standpoint it is time to recommend one to two cups of tea per day, in my opinion.

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Health benefits of 'true tea' support including drink in dietary guidelines, researchers argue -

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Does green tea help in reducing belly fat? – India Today

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Are you of the opinion that drinking a few cups of green tea every day is all you need to do in order to reduce your belly fat? If yes, apologies for breaking your heart but that's not how it works. While drinking green tea may aid weight loss, solely relying on this drink to melt your fat away might leave you disappointed.

Enriched with antioxidants, green tea has ample of health benefits. It is known to combat skin-related issues and lower the risk of heart diseases. Over the years, it has gained immense popularity as a weight-loss drink as well. spoke to a few health experts to understand if green tea actually helps lose belly fat. Read on to know what they said.

Green tea has received a lot of positive media attention in recent times owing to its numerous health-promoting benefits including it being anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and containing an array of beneficial antioxidants, Nupur Saraf, Consultant Nutritionist, Nutrimend, said.

However, when we speak of fat loss or whether green tea helps in reducing belly fat, there is no research that proves this. Fat loss cannot be attributed to consuming or eliminating any one particular item from one's diet and depends on the overall lifestyle and calorific balance maintained by one. The only way green tea could help in any kind of fat loss is if it is used as a substitute for regular tea, ie without milk and sugar which helps in cutting down the calorie intake, she added.

Solely relying on green tea to reduce belly fat may not help you.

Dietician Chayanika Sarmah also echoed similar thoughts and said that green tea does not directly help with weight loss. The catechins present in green tea will minutely help in reducing weight, but that is negligible. What actually happens is when people consume regular tea, the calorie intake is high because it contains milk as well as sugar. But with green tea, people usually drink it without sugar and it does not contain milk as well. So the calorie intake is less. But green tea does not directly help in belly fat loss, she said.

It minutely increases the metabolism, which is negligible. The difference will only come by properly maintaining the diet. Even with the diet, it is not just about reducing the calories but also keeping in mind the quality of food you are having, she added.

If you eat fruits, salads and vegetables, you get vitamins and minerals. With water, these nutrients help detoxify your kidney and liver which automatically increases your metabolism and helps with weight loss, she further said.

A healthy lifestyle including eating healthy food, maintaining calorific balance, exercising regularly and proper sleep will help you say goodbye to the rigid belly fat. Green tea can certainly be a part of your diet though.

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Does green tea help in reducing belly fat? - India Today

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5 Unexpected Benefits Of Caffeine That You May Not Know About –

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You can also consume caffeine in supplements, either on its own or combined with other nootropic ingredients. The latter multi-ingredient design can be especially beneficial, given you pick a formula that supports overall brain power and goes beyond the typical (and transient) energy "boost" approach.

For example, in mbg's focus+, caffeine is paired with bioactives and botanicals that support the energy of cells, mind, and body (i.e., guarana, Panax ginseng, L-theanine, and vitamin B12), resulting in sustained focus and vitality.*

Just like with the food and beverage sources of caffeine listed above, it's also important to carefully consider your caffeine source when it's delivered in a supplement.

Ferira advises turning the product over and reading the Supplement Facts panel: "Do you see any indication that the caffeine is derived from a plant source, like a specific species of coffee (Coffea), tea (Camellia), guarana, or some other quality-sourced plant?" If not, she says it could be the cheaper synthetic variety of caffeine instead.

Sharing further intel, Ferira explains that, "you should also expect the supplement brand to identify the plant parts used to provide the caffeine. In other words, is this an extract of the whole coffee cherry, the coffee beans, or green tea leaves? Transparency is key here."

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5 Unexpected Benefits Of Caffeine That You May Not Know About -

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These 5 Ingredients Helped Me Improve The Texture On My Combination Skin | – Femina

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I was 13 or perhaps 14 years old when I understood the theory of skin types and took a close glance at my shiny T-zone, only to realise that I have a combination to oily skin type. The shine wasnt pleasant like that on glazed donut skin, it was greasy, made my complexion look dull and basically gave my skin a fried look. Nope, it wasnt the best thing. As a chain reaction, larger pores, augmented texture and the elephant in the room acne took shelter on my epidermis (dont ask me what was up with the layers beneath). Has much changed today? Not really. But, what has definitely changed is my way of dealing with and caring for my skin. Managing your skin is not rocket science, really. Provided, you know what it needs, and more importantly what it does not. I learned the hard way and so, I want you to know about these five ingredients that bettered my combination-oily skin. Well, as Dr Kiran Sethi quotes in her debut novel Skin Sense, Combination skin is normal skin.

Image: Pexels

Glycolic Acid

One of the most-loved AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) derived from sugarcane, glycolic acid is your answer to uneven and textured skin. Widely used in toners and serums, glycolic acid exfoliates the skin to reveal glowing, brighter and more even-toned skin. Plus, being the smallest AHA, it goes deep into the skin. I used a glycolic acid-infused toner thrice a week in my PM routine and saw results within the first two weeks.

I swear by: Pixi Glow Tonic

Image: Pexels

Salicylic Acid

What new can I say about salicylic acids benefits for oily skin that hasnt been said before? Well, it has been a game-changer for me too and how! The most commonly used BHA (beta hydroxy acid) is derived from the bark of willow trees and its wide spectrum of benefits include sebum control, pore purification, exfoliation and pore size reduction. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and appears to be cleaner. But again, I dont swipe this treatment on my skin any more than twice a week.

I swear by: Paulas Choice 2% BHA


If theres one ingredient I use on a daily basis without fail, its niacinamide. The vitamin B3 derivative is my personal favourite because it ticks all the needs of my skin type without being too potent or over-powering. Plus, it has better compatibility with the other ingredients as compared to the previously mentioned actives.

I swear by: The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

Image: Pexels


Clay acts as the perfect shock-absorber for every mishap thats thriving on my combination skin. From grime and dirt to excess oil and comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads), clay sucks em all out excellently. Mostly found in rinse-off face masks and cleansers, the only con with clay is that its effects arent long-lasting. However, Im happy to bestow a weekly detox to my skin and maintain its health in the long run.

If your skin is more oily than sensitive, opt for bentonite clay instead of kaolin clay.

I swear by: Pahadi Local Markalak

Green Tea

Besides soothing your system, applying green tea on the skin topically can have so many more benefits than you think. Packed with antioxidants, green tea can calm your skin by cooling it and boosting hydration. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the ingredient control acne as well as aid with swift healing. Its a great source of intense moisture without irritation.

I swear by: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

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These 5 Ingredients Helped Me Improve The Texture On My Combination Skin | - Femina

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9 AAPI-Owned Wellness Brands to Shop – The Everygirl

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The Everygirls product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Being an American Born Chinese, I believe I have the best of both worldsmelding Chinese customs my parents passed down to me and my sister with American traditions. Growing up, I studied American history alongside learning how to read and write Chinese. On my familys Thanksgiving table, youll find the usual suspects (you know, turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole) interspersed between a Chinese version of stuffing, noodles, and a bok choy dish.

In light of the recent anti-Asian racism, Ive never been more proud to be Asian American. And as May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, I thought what better way to honor and celebrate our cultures than highlighting female Asian American-owned wellness brands that inspire innovation, creativity, and connection in our community and beyond. Keep reading to learn about eight companies to support today and every day.

From your skin to your period, Rael has got you covered. Founded by three women from South Korea, including CEO Yanghee Paik, who saw the need for quality feminine care in America, Rael combines high-quality organic materials from the U.S. with cutting-edge Korean manufacturing technology to create clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free products for women. Its a one-stop shop for women, by women.

Synonymous with self-care, the act of journaling has become a wellness trend you dont want to sleep on. Enter: Silk + Sonder. In search of a tool to help her work through her feelings of anxiety and being burned out and unfulfilled, Founder Meha Agrawal discovered the transformative nature of journaling and created a subscription-based journaling model to make self-care a more joyful and personalized experience. Choose from a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription (included in each journal are guided prompts and wellness trackers).

Sisters Julie and Connie Kuo grew up in the male-dominated footwear industry and set out to make a mark for themselves and other women by producing sustainable kicks made from repurposed plastic bottles. An abbreviation for authentic, versatile, responsible, and empowered, AVRE boasts a stylish collection for various types of workouts, not to mention a 3D technology that creates precise sizes, dramatically reducing waste. Oh, and did I mention their shoes are machine washable?

After getting out of a toxic relationship and going through her own healing transformation through self-care and self-love, CEO and Founder Lin Chen started Pink Moon to create a space of empowerment and abundance. Best described as a platform that marries emotional health and self-love with sustainable beauty, Pink Moon curates a unique shopping experience featuring vetted female-led brands and their eco-conscious and ethically minded goods. Talk about girl power. Browse gua sha tools, vegan lipsticks and nail polish, perfume oils, and so much more (they even have workshops!).

A cup of tea has always been more than just a beverage for Sashee Chandran. Coming from Chinese and Sri Lankan descent, she has always viewed tea as a form of connection, community, and nostalgia, bringing back fond memories of her childhood. Wanting to recreate the magic of a high-quality tea experience she grew up with without the waste of tea bags, she established Tea Drops, an assortment of bagless, organic, whole-leaf teas. Shop by tea type, flavor, caffeine level, benefit (immune support please!), and mood (can I get some stress relief?).

When CEO and Cofounder Sarah Paiji Yoo became a new mom, she was determined to find a solution to single-use plastic after learning that all disposed plastics were contaminating the water and food she was feeding her baby. Born out of the lack of household products that didnt come packaged in plastic, Blueland specializes in eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are as safe as they are effective. Their collection also includes hand soap, body wash, and laundry essentialsall sans harmful chemicals, because a clean, non-toxic home equals better health for you and the environment.

When Lulu Ge went off birth control and experienced debilitating cramps, bloating, headaches, and sleepless nights, she was determined to change the narrative around menstrual symptoms as an accepted part of just being a woman. Instead of masking the pain with toxic drugs and more synthetic birth control, she turned to herbal medicine and soon after got the idea to create Elix to provide greater access to the holistic approach for menstrual wellness. Through an online health assessment, youll get a personalized herbal treatment plan and be on your way to your healthiest cycle yet. Whats more, all Elix offerings are 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced, and vegan and gluten-free.

After years of living off fast food, Julie Nguyen developed a laundry list of health issues. Not until she changed her diet did she realize the impact food can have on her health and well-being. Julie built Methodology, a weekly meal-prep service, to help people take the guesswork out of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so they can focus their time and energy elsewhere. Customize your subscription based on your diet preferences, cuisine, days needed, and type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack). The best part besides the convenience and delicious options? All the food is pre-cooked and delivered in glass jars that are picked up for recycling.

A daughter of a potter and a farmer, Shizu Okusa was influenced at an early age to appreciate and feel a connection to Earth and nature. You wouldnt find over-the-counter medicines in her household but rather hot stones and herbal drinks. But her career didnt always match her balanced upbringing. After working as a Wall Street trader for three years, she knew she was destined for more. After leaving her job and traveling abroad where she learned Ayurveda, she eventually founded Apothkary. A plant-based farmacy, the brand offers herbal and adaptogen remedies (all organic, fair-trade, and non-GMO) for everything from skin and gut health to sleep and sex drive.

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9 AAPI-Owned Wellness Brands to Shop - The Everygirl

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How Tea Blending Influenced The Creation Of Johnnie Walker Whisky – Tasting Table

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To this day, Johnnie Walkerpays homage to the founder's roots as a tea blender in a few ways: from cocktail recipes to informative experiences.

The Johnnie Walker website showcases a green tea cocktail described as "sweetness with a soul." It's made with the company's signature Johnnie Walker whiskey (red or black label, the recipe shares tasting notes on each for you to choose your own adventure), sweetened green tea, and lemongrass.

Currently owned by parent company Diageo Brands, The Diageo Bar Academy offers an onlineclasstitled Blending With Tea which promises to "spill the tea" on Johnnie Walker's historical ties to the drink and the complexities of tea-infused cocktails.

And for true fans of the prestigious whisky (or just anyone living in the area), the company offers a tour that focuses on the history of Johnnie Walker. The tour includes a visit to the facilities at Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Edinburgh, wheredevotees can view artifacts, learn the company history, and hear tall tales and enjoy a whisky highball in the Grocer's Sensorium, a nod to the environment that started it all.

So if you're interested in celebrating John Walker's journey from the farm to blending tea to creating one of the most well-known whisky brands in the world, Johnnie Walker has you covered.

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How Tea Blending Influenced The Creation Of Johnnie Walker Whisky - Tasting Table

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Best Mushroom Supplements To Buy In 2022 – The Island Now

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People often consider fast life as the better life. You have a fast-living tempo, order fast food, and have countless obligations that require a fast response in your routine. However, living such a life can provide negative results, especially for your health and inner welfare. Adding some nutrition and wellness to your daily routine is always required, especially taking dietary supplements as the best option for living a healthier and happier life. Chinese medicine has been used for centuries because it consists of the most nutritional compounds for a better living. The best mushroom supplements are a significant part of this ancient medicine, and they can be the perfect addition to your daily routine as well. Today, the wellness market is full of supplements with the best ingredients and the most promising health effects. After thorough research, it is recommended to use only the best mushroom supplement you can find in the best wellness companies listed below. Select your most convenient option for a mushroom product and start living your life for the better with the countless health benefits that mushrooms provide to every mind and body. Start your wellness journey today and experience the best health effects. Your inner self will be grateful. Top 4 Shrooms & Mushroom Supplements

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Best Mushroom Supplements To Buy In 2022 - The Island Now

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8 of the best chromium supplements 2022 – Medical News Today

Posted: at 1:43 am

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

There are thousands of supplements on the market to choose from, with many having multiple vitamins and minerals. Chromium is one such mineral, and while people can take it from natural foods, some consider its benefits as a reason to take it as a supplement.

This article looks at what chromium is and its benefits and side effects. It also takes a look at some of the top chromium supplements available, when to see a doctor, and frequently asked questions.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), chromium is a trace element that many foods contain naturally. It is also available as a dietary supplement.

However, this only applies to one of the two main types of chromium. These are:

A person can also take in chromium from breathing ambient air and drinking water that contains chromium. The CDC states that the main source of chromium for people who are not exposed to chromium through their job is food.

The NIH says that there is an indication that chromium helps increase the effect of insulin. As a result, this may aid in the absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reiterates this, saying there are studies showing that adult participants with type 2 diabetes could improve their glucose tolerance and decreased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol when taking a daily 4200 microgram (mcg) chromium supplement.

However, more research is needed to understand the health impacts of chromium.

Furthermore, the NIH says that while chromium seems to have some health benefits, it is not currently classed as an essential mineral because if a person is deficient in chromium, any symptoms they experience are not reversed after taking chromium.

As a result, there are no chromium intake recommendations, but some guidelines have been made based on chromium intake in healthy people.

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NIH specifies that there are various forms of non-toxic chromium. These include:

The difference between these is how much actual chromium is in each form and how much the body can absorb.

For example, 12.4% of chromium picolinates weight is elemental chromium, with an absorption rate of 1.2%.

An older 2008 study found that polynicotinate and picolinate are similarly effective in reducing blood pressure, free radical formation, and DNA damage to the kidneys and the liver.

Dietary reference intakes (DRI) published in 2001 state that there is not enough data to set an estimated average requirement (EAR) for chromium, and the data on chromium intake in the U.S. is insufficient.

An adequate intake (AI) has been set at 35 mcg a day for young males, and 25 mcg a day for young females.

The following tables show how the AI for chromium changes as a person ages.

These figures are based on the chromium content of milk from healthy people and an intake of 0.78 liters (l) of human milk per day.

The authors of 2001 research state that more research is needed for this particular age group.

These guidelines set out specific adequate intake values for people who are pregnant or lactating.

The AI values for people who are lactating are higher than during pregnancy. This is because a person will need to replace the chromium they lose through lactation and account for their usual, daily adequate chromium intake, too.

This consumers fact sheet from the NIH reports that people with kidney or liver disease should consult with a doctor before taking chromium supplements.

It also states that while there are many claims made about chromium, the research so far about its benefits for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, and other health conditions is very mixed. Some studies show that a person may get some health benefits from chromium, while others show they may not be able to improve these conditions by taking chromium.

Individuals who are interested in chromium and its potential benefits should consider choosing products that:

Some people may also want to choose products with specific certifications, such as vegan ingredients or environmentally-friendly packaging.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Below are some of the chromium supplements currently available that a person may wish to consider.

Price: Around $8.68 for 28-day supply

Ingredients: 200 mcg chromium picolinate

Servings: One capsule per day

Persona offers personalized vitamin packs delivered to peoples doors. A person can receive deliveries every 28 days, and they can pause or cancel their deliveries as needed. This may be suitable for people who are not sure if they want to take chromium supplements long-term. Additionally, a person can add other supplements to their delivery if they want to try other supplements alongside chromium.

Persona suggests that its chromium supplement can help a person curb their appetite and reduce food cravings, and improve sugar metabolism. However, it notes that none of these claims have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When buying online, a person can take an assessment with a Persona nutritionist to find out if their chosen supplement is right for them.

The company claims that its chromium capsules are made:

Price: Around $16

Ingredients: 500 mcg chromium picolinate

Servings: 60 capsules per bottle

Thorne writes that the chromium in this supplement is bound to picolinic acid, which is an organic compound. According to Thorne, this can help the chromium to absorb.

The company recommends a person takes one capsule once or twice each day. It also advises that a person follows any guidance they are given from a health professional.

According to the online product description, Thornes chromium picolinate supplements are:

Price: Around $5 a month

Ingredients: 350 mcg chromium chloride, maltodextrin

Servings: 30 tablets

Nurish is another company offering personalized supplement plans.

These chromium chloride tablets contain 350 micrograms (mcg) of chromium chloride. They are gluten-free and have no artificial flavors or colors, according to the company.

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certification has verified the brands products.

Reviews are very positive, with many users writing that the tablets are easy to take and that auto-shipping makes the service very convenient.

Price: Around $14.64

Ingredients: 1,000 mcg chromium picolinate

Servings: 120 tablets

This product contains the highest dose of chromium picolinate per tablet out of the products included in this list.

The company advises a person takes one tablet a day with a meal. The product labeling states this supplement is free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and does not contain milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, or fish.

It notes that it is not safe for pregnant or chestfeeding people.

According to the company, it is produced in a facility that has been certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This means that it has been subject to quality controls. GMP covers the whole manufacturing process, including the materials and equipment used to make the product, and the cleanliness of the environment in which it is made.

Price: Around $45

Ingredients: Chromium polynicotinate, green tea

Servings: 60 capsules

The Ripped Rooster vegan capsules are aimed at people who wish to support their weight management goals along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

These chromium supplements contain 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone, which is also called 7-keto-DHEA. The company lists a 2020 study that shows that study participants taking 100 milligrams (mg) of 7-keto-DHEA twice daily lost 3.1 times more body fat compared to those taking a placebo.

Positive reviews mention that the supplement did support weight loss, while negative reviews mention that it had no noticeable effects and could cause stomach pain and acne.

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According to HUM, these capsules are gluten-free, verified by third-party labs for potency, and free of GMOs.

The company recommends a person takes one capsule with food twice a day.

Price: Around $15.99

Ingredients: 200 mcg glucose tolerance factor (GTF) chromium

Servings: 250 tablets

This product uses GTF chromium, which is the biologically active form of chromium called chromium chelavite.

The company claims that these chromium supplements can help a person to support their bodys natural ability to manage blood sugar levels.

An older 2008 study comparing commercial chromium compounds concluded that chromium chelavite increased insulin sensitivity.

NOW Foods products are GMP-certified.

Price: Around $6.75

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of chromium with shilajit and fruit extract

Servings: 60 capsules

These capsules are different from others included in this list as they contain Indian gooseberry and a proprietary form of shilajit, which is a sticky substance that is rich in minerals. The company says this formulation makes the chromium more effective at supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

A 2014 animal study writes that Indian gooseberry oil, also called amla oil, had antidiabetic and antioxidant properties.

According to the product labeling, the product is gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for vegetarians.

Many buyers write in online reviews that this chromium supplement helped them control their appetite, but some say their glucose levels remained the same after months of taking the supplement.

Price: Around $54.95

Ingredients: 60 mcg chromium, organic broccoli, spinach, raspberry juice, and alfalfa powder, turkey tail mushroom

Servings: 90 capsules

According to the company, these multivitamins contain 21 different vitamins and minerals, plus other botanical ingredients including mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits.

Aside from 60 mcg of chromium per capsule, each serving includes vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, and biotin.

A person can read third-party test results for this brands multivitamins online.

People will need to take this multivitamin three times a day. The company writes that it is not suitable for people with yeast allergies.

Medical News Today chooses products that meet the following criteria:

Individuals concerned about their blood sugar or insulin levels should consult a doctor for advice.

A person should seek medical advice if they are experiencing any early symptoms of diabetes, including the following described by the American Diabetes Association:

Additionally, if a person needs help managing their weight, they can speak to a doctor or other health professional.

A person should always consult a doctor before taking any new supplements or vitamins to make sure they are safe for them to take.

Below are some of the most common questions people have about chromium supplements.

People can take in enough daily chromium from food. Individuals can try to eat a balanced diet containing foods that contain chromium, such as lettuce, or beef.

Brands will use different forms of chromium and make varying claims about its benefits. A person should research whether a brand uses third-party testing on its products or manufacturing process, and whether the company provides access to scientific research backing up any health claims it makes.

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It depends. Proprietary forms may not always have had enough third-party studies to support the companys claims on how well the body can absorb the chromium in its supplement. Chromium polynicotinate and chromium picolinate can both be absorbed by the body.

Yes. Chromium has many forms, including nicotinate, chloride, and picolinate. The difference between these resides in how much actual chromium the body can absorb from these forms.

There are many foods that contain chromium that people can eat to get their daily intake of chromium.

However, if a person has a known deficiency in chromium or they would like to explore the benefits of increasing their chromium intake, they may consider taking a chromium supplement.

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