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What is White Tea and what makes it so expensive? – Times of India

Posted: June 21, 2022 at 1:55 am

We Indians love our daily dose of masala chai. But the quest for trying out different varieties every time, has broadened our horizon. From green tea to herbal tea, the healthier alternatives have slowly made space into our kitchen and our lives. White tea is another healthier version of tea which is gradually becoming popular. (Image: Pixabay)

The new leaves and buds of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis are dried to make the perfect white tea. This tea originates from China and has now made its way into the Indian Kitchen. The young buds are plucked at a very early stage, where they are still covered with the white feather like hair and thus the name, White Tea. The leaves and buds dont get the chance to get oxidised as they are air dried the moment they are plucked, making White tea the freshest variety among all the other tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are not exposed to any form of artificial heat, instead they are let out to dry and wither naturally. The minimum processing and 0 oxidation, makes white tea unique from the rest.(Image: Pixabay)

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Each country has their own white tea, cultivated and customised according to their own choices of flavour. Here are some popular varieties: (Image: Pixabay)

Silver Needle tea is among the most premium variety of white tea that is cultivated in China. It is made from the big buds that are covered the white furry hair and thus it is called silver white tea. Silver needle tea is very good for the digestive system. Heart burns, acidity and cramps, silver needle tea can give you relief from all. (Image: Pixabay)

This tea is cultivated from the unopened buds of the tea plant. It has a sweet and nutty taste to it with a shimmery texture. White peony tea is good for your kidney health and it combats bacteria and viruses inside us. This tea is also good for building our immunity system (Image: Pixabay)

Rumours has it that Buddhist trained monkeys cultivated this tea in the hilly regions of China. With only 2 calories per serving, this variety of white tea is good for diabetic patients and also aids in weight loss. (Image: Pixabay)

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This refreshing tea is from the Fujian Province of China. It is slightly golden in colour and is good for the heart. This tea is also known to improve hair and skin health (Image: Pixabay)

Darjeeling white tea is best known for its healing properties. This variety of white tea has the power to fight dieses and can be given to a sick person. Almost translucent in colour, this tea has a hint of sweetness to it. (Image: Pixabay)

They way this tea is harvested is responsible for it being so much expensive than the other varieties of tea available in the market. Although white tea comes from the same plant that gives us black and green tea, it is the cultivation process of white tea, that makes it unique from the rest. The harvest is very tedious and time consuming as only the tiny new born buds and leaves goes into the production of this tea. The authentic white tea is quite hard to cultivate, making it a bit costlier. (Image: Pixabay)

Disclaimer: Images are for representation purposes only

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What is White Tea and what makes it so expensive? - Times of India

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Green Tea Extract Market Size And Forecast to 2028 |Finlay, Akbar Brothers, Martin Bauer Group, Tata Global Beverages, Amax NutraSource Designer…

Posted: at 1:55 am

The Global Green Tea Extract MarketReport provides in-depth analysis of emerging trends, market drivers, development opportunities, and market constraints that may have an impact on the market dynamics of the industry. Each market sector is examined in depth in the Market Research Intellect, including goods, applications, and a competitive analysis.

The report was created using three different reconnaissance systems. The first step requires conducting extensive primary and secondary research on a wide range of topics. Approvals, evaluations, and discoveries based on accurate data obtained by industry specialists are the next steps. The research derives an overall estimate of the market size using top-down methodologies. Finally, the research evaluates the market for a number of sections and subparts using information triangulation and market separation techniques.

The primary objective of the report is to educate business owners and assist them in making an astute investment in the market. The study highlights regional and sub-regional insights with corresponding factual and statistical analysis. The report includes first-hand, the latest data, which is obtained from the company website, annual reports, industry-recommended journals, and paid resources. The Green Tea Extract report will facilitate business owners to comprehend the current trend of the market and make profitable decisions.

Market Leaders Profiled:

Report Analysis & Segments:

The Green Tea Extract is segmented as per the type of product, application, and geography. All of the segments of the Green Tea Extract are carefully analyzed based on their market share, CAGR, value and volume growth, and other important factors. We have also provided Porters Five Forces and PESTLE analysis for a deeper study of the Green Tea Extract.The report also constitutes recent development undertaken by key players in the market which includes new product launches, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and other latest developments.

Based on Product Type Green Tea Extract is segmented into

Based on the Application Green Tea Extract is segmented into

The report provides insights on the following pointers:

1 Market Penetration: Comprehensive information on the product portfolios of the top players in the Green Tea Extract.

2 Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights on the upcoming technologies, R&D activities, and product launches in the market.

3 Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of the market strategies, and geographic and business segments of the leading players in the market.

4 Market Development: Comprehensive information about emerging markets. This report analyzes the market for various segments across geographies.

5 Market Diversification: Exhaustive information about new products, untapped geographies, recent developments, and investments in the Green Tea Extract.

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Various Analyses Covered:

Regional assessment of the Green Tea Extract has been carried out over six key regions which include North America, Asia-pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. Moreover, the report also delivers deep insights on the ongoing research & development activities, revenue, innovative services, the actual status of demand and supply, and pricing strategy. In addition to this, this report also delivers details on consumption figures, export/import supply, and gross margin by region. In short, this report provides a valuable source of guidance and clear direction for the marketer and the part interested in the market.

North America(United States, Canada) Asia Pacific(China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Others) Europe(Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others) Latin America(Brazil, Mexico, Others) The Middle East and Africa

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Us:Market Research Intellect

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and customized research reports to clients from various industries and organizations with the aim of delivering functional expertise. We provide reports for all industries including Energy, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction, Chemicals and Materials, Food and Beverage, and more. These reports deliver an in-depth study of the market with industry analysis, the market value for regions and countries, and trends that are pertinent to the industry.

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Green Tea Extract Market Size And Forecast to 2028 |Finlay, Akbar Brothers, Martin Bauer Group, Tata Global Beverages, Amax NutraSource Designer...

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Beetroot Found to Be Natural Sports Performance Enhancer – The Epoch Times

Posted: at 1:55 am

More commonly found in the Slavic soup borscht, a salad, or the corner shop hamburger, the humble beetroot may soon become a regular part of athletes protein shakes after research from the University of South Australia (UniSA) found it can enhance sporting performance.

Conducting a meta-analysis of 118 studies from 25 countries, the team evaluated the performance effects of foods thought to benefit aerobic performance and found that beetroot, grapes, sour cherries, and pine bark extract boost endurance exercise performance through improving nitric oxide availability in the body.

Beetroots high nitrate levels, which have been shown to boost blood circulation and increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles during exercise, enabled athletes to reach peak performance quicker.

Meanwhile, polyphenols found in cherries, grapes, and pine bark extract protected nitrate from degradation, resulting in increased stamina.

Polyphenols are a potent antioxidants that reduce the impact of oxidative stress, preventing or reversing cell damage caused by ageing, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors.

Lead researcher and UniSA PhD candidate Noah DUnienville said in a release on June 8 that the findings provide further evidence that certain foods are natural endurance enhancers.

Theres a lot of interest in nitrate-rich and polyphenol-rich foods because of their potential to boost exercise performance, but just because they contain these elements doesnt mean this will translate into improved exercise performance, he said.

While our study shows that beetroot (among other foods) can boost performance, other nitrate-rich foods such as red spinach, Swiss chard and rhubarb did not show similar benefits.

Similarly, while grapes, sour cherries, and pine bark extract can enhance athletes performance, other polyphenol-rich foods such as blackcurrant, cocoa, ginseng, and green tea were not found to do so.

DUnienville told The Epoch Times that while not nearly as much research was done on spinach, Swiss chard, and rhubarb compared to beetroot, it is likely those three vegetables did not show performance benefits despite being rich in nitrates because they are lower in polyphenols than beetroot.

Beetroot juice is very rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and phytochemicals which spinach is not so rich in,DUnienville said.

He explained that the protective effect of these antioxidants on the nitric oxide converted from the nitrate in the beetroot may make the difference, also noting that in some studies where nitrates were removed from the beetroot, it still had a minor effect on exercise performance.

Essentially, there were about three or four studies we saw that did that, and overall they had a small benefit to performance, he said.

The polyphenols and other antioxidants provide extra benefit rather than just the nitrates themselves.

Despite the benefits of foods such as beetroot, grapes, and sour cherries to exercise performance, co-researcher Professor Jon Buckley said their effects did discriminate.

The results did show more significant effects among athletes who were less fit, and also that men were more likely to benefit from these foods than women, he said.

Certainly, there were some limitations with the sample size of women, but this finding does suggest further investigation is warranted.

All in all, we know that trying to get fit takes time and effort but add a glass of beetroot juice to your training schedule, and you just might see the difference, Buckley said.

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Beetroot Found to Be Natural Sports Performance Enhancer - The Epoch Times

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Ranking 32 Ice Cream Flavors From Worst To Best – Tasting Table

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Four fruit ice cream flavors made this list: peach, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. Cherry can veer slightly into medicinal territory or become slightly cloying. Peach is sometimes a bit too mild-mannered to hold up as a strong, individual flavor. Strawberry is a pretty pink nostalgic delight but can get just a tad bit boring after about three spoonfuls. Therefore, the winner of the fruit playoffs is raspberry! Here are some promising reasons why.

First of all, raspberry is a true team player. When coupled with vanilla, it's a simple, classic treat. When paired with chocolate, it becomes rich, delectable, and deviously decadent. When alongside cheesecake, it's got full-on big-apple vibes; rich yet tart and with a pleasantly mature consistency. When pitted against other fruits, it holds its own due to that tangy, bold flavor. And it's that boldness, tartness, and mischievous confidence that puts raspberry on top. Ice cream is a sweet dessert, and the pungency of raspberry awakens the taste buds and makes for an elegant balance. To really feel every bit of that push and pull, try it paired with white chocolate.

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Ranking 32 Ice Cream Flavors From Worst To Best - Tasting Table

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South African Tea Industry Report 2022: Innovative Fusions Heating Up Growth in South Africa’s Tea Market – – Business Wire

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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "South African Tea Industry Landscape Report 2022" report has been added to's offering.

The consumption and preparation of tea, in non-traditional ways, is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers looking to spice up their tea experiences. These consumers are increasingly inventing novel ways of combining tea with other beverages and foods, to create new experiences and flavours, and even enhance the inherent benefits provided by tea.

Globally, a variety of new and innovative ways of consuming tea are emerging, as part of attempts to capture the attention, and imagination, of consumers. In particular, tea cocktails are becoming increasingly popular, providing a range of tea-based non-alcoholic beverages, such as the 100x100 Arabica Tea and Tea shop in Spain, offering mojito Green Team, spritz redfruit, and gin and Tea, amongst other interesting combinations.

The South African Tea Industry Landscape Report 2022 provides a holistic overview of the global and South African market and will help answer the following questions:

For the Global Tea Industry Section

For the South African Tea Industry Section

For the South African Tea Manufacturer & Distributor Section

For the South African Tea Retail and Pricing Analysis Section

The Tea market is segmented into Black Tea (including Loose Black Tea, Tea Bags Black), Fruit/Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Instant Tea, and Other Tea.

Key Topics Covered:



1.1 Global Industry Overview

1.2 Global Market Environment

1.3 Global Industry Consumption

1.4 Global Industry Production

1.5 Global Industry Imports

1.6 Global Industry Exports

1.7 Global Key Markets: Regional Overview

1.8 Global Industry Trends

1.9 Global Industry Innovation and Technology

1.10 Global Industry Drivers

1.11 Global Industry Challenges


2.1 South African Tea Industry Overview

2.2 South African Tea Industry Sustainability

2.2.1 Ethical Tea Partnership

2.2.2 Fairtrade International

2.2.3 Rainforest Alliance


3.1 AVI: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.2 Carmien: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.3 Dilmah: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.4 Joekels Tea Packers: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.5 Stafford Bros & Draeger (Pty) Ltd: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.6 Unilever: Tea Overview/Brands/Products

3.7 South African Tea Manufacturers & Distributors: Other


4.1 South African Franchised and Independent Tea Shops

4.1.1 Dulce Cafe: Overview

4.1.2 Famous Brands: Fego Caffe: Overview

4.1.3 Famous Brands: Mugg & Bean: Overview

4.1.4 Famous Brands: Wimpy: Overview

4.1.5 Krispy Kreme: Overview

4.1.6 McDonald's McCafe: Overview

4.1.7 Peacock Coffee & Tea Traders: Overview

4.1.8 Seattle Coffee Company: Overview

4.1.9 Starbucks: Overview

4.1.10 The Daily Coffee Group: Overview

4.1.11 Vida e Caffe: Overview

4.1.12 South African Independent and Franchise Retailers: Other

4.1.13 South African Speciality Retailers

4.2 South African Tea Pricing Analysis

Companies Mentioned

For more information about this report visit

About is the world's leading source for international market research reports and market data. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends.

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South African Tea Industry Report 2022: Innovative Fusions Heating Up Growth in South Africa's Tea Market - - Business Wire

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Why The Origin Of Iced Tea May Surprise You – Mashed

Posted: at 1:54 am

Before we get to the origins of iced tea, what is the difference between iced tea and sweet tea? To the folks living in the northern parts of the United States, iced tea with sugar is not the standard way to serve it, and as such it is referred to as Sweet Tea. Receiving your tea with sugar added is more of a southern hospitality thing. The evolution of the herbal drink was imminent and today, as we all know, there aredifferent brands and versions of iced tea, perNutritionix.

One such variant is theLong Island Iced tea. According to folklore, it was invented in the years of prohibition, perVisit Kingsport(in Tennessee).Necessity (and in this case, mischief) being the mother of invention, a Kingsport legend (viaABC News) claims that one bootlegging "Old Man Bishop added a new dimension to the drink by mixing it with alcohol. According toNatso, today tea is the most widely consumed liquid around the globe, second only to water.

While history may hint that iced tea was invented at an American fair in 1904, there is proof in the form of a recipe that it originated 25 years earlier, according to Evolution Teas. It only became popular in St. Louis at the 1904 World's Fair because of the hot weather and an enterprising tea grower Richard Blechynden, per Southern Thing. As the tale goes, he realized that nobody was interested in the traditional hot brew on that sweltering day, so he decided to cool his tea down by pouring it through iced lead pipes, as per Whats Cooking America.

The earliest record of this invention is a recipe book called "Housekeeping in Old Virginia," according to Evolution Teas. It was printed in 1879 and written by Marion Cabell Tyree. The recipe is on page 64 of the book (via the HathiTrust Digital Library). Tyree uses green tea leaves to make her iced tea and then adds them to boiling water. She allows the leaves to cool and draw for a couple of hours, pours it over ice, and adds sugar. Not so random fact: Did you know (according to National Day Calendar, anyway) that June 10 is National Iced Tea Day?

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Why The Origin Of Iced Tea May Surprise You - Mashed

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Scoops of success: How a failed family business rebuilt itself as a brand to reckon with – YourStory

Posted: at 1:54 am

Indians love their desserts. And the countrys thriving ice cream market is a testament to this.

The Imarc Group reports that Indias ice cream market was worth Rs 16,520 crore in 2021, and is expected to reach Rs 43,620 crore in 2027 growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 17.69 percent.

With both legacy brands like Kwality Walls, Lakeview Milk Bar, Amul, Mother Dairy, and more, as well as new-age players like Get-a-Whey, The Brooklyn Creamery, and Noto, among others, ice cream lovers are spoilt for choice.

But things were quite different in the 1980s when hotel management graduates Anuvrat and Tulika Pabraihusband and wifedecided to open an ice cream parlour in Kolkatas Russel Street. At the time, Kolkata was witnessing an intense turf war between legacy brand Kwality and up-and-comer Flurys.

Starting with an investment of Rs 3 lakh, the company reported a market cap of Rs 14.9 crore in FY 22.


How Vadilal aims to target millennials with its experiential caf outlets

Hotel management graduates Anuvrat and Tulika dreamt of owning a caf or a restaurant but found that suppliers operating in the space had deep pockets, beyond their means. So, in 1984, the couple launched an ice cream parlour as a retail store for an established brand.

Opening an ice cream parlour did not require a huge gestation period compared to a restaurant or caf, Anuvrat tells SMBStory.

Two years later, after conflict arose with the supplier brand, Tulikas began manufacturing its own ice creams in a small unit behind the parlour. It also introduced cakes, patties, sandwiches, and other items on the menu. By the end of the decade, it had 35-40 employees.

The business was thriving and Tulikas was expanding bit by bit.

In the 1990s, freezers were imported from Italy to expand the ice cream-making capabilities. And it was paying offin a way.

Anuvrat recalls that by 1997, despite the machines working 24*7, Tulikas was unable to meet customer demands. The company had to set up another factory, which had a capacity of one million litres of ice cream a year and another half a million for lollies and choco bars. For this, Anuvrat took a loan of Rs 95 lakh from SIDBI Bank.

But while all seemed to be going very well, things took a turn. The second half of the 1990s saw a flurry of ice creams in Kolkata, including the likes of Metro Dairy, Vadilal, Rollick, and Amul, joining the likes of Kwality Wall's and Flury's.

Playing the value game, some of these companies were pricing their products much lower than Tulikas. A combination of price war and competition led the management to cut costs. Revenues too started declining. From Rs 4 crore before 2004, they came down to Rs 3.7 crore in FY06 and Rs 3.2 crore in FY07.

I was very stressed. My elder son, Kunal, who was working in Ernst and Young in Bangalore, took a transfer and came to Kolkata to help me, says Anuvrat.

In September 2008, he had to close all operations when he realised the threat looming over the life of his family. The family was deep in debt of Rs 1.15 crore, the principal amount of the loan, as well as an interest of 27 percent.

Pabrai's outlet in Kolkata

Unwilling to give up, Anuvrat decided to start afresh and started Pabrais by renting a factory in Ballygunge. He decided to reintroduce certain flavours, especially Nalen Gur (jaggery), which had picked up steam just before Tulikas was shut down.

Headquartered in South Kolkata, Pabrais offers about 50 varieties including basic flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, mango, strawberry, etc. It also has a range of sugar-free ice creams including Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, and Rose Petal, among others.

However, its USP lies in its unique flavoursNalen Gur, Calcutta Meetha Paan, Kesar Rabri Malai, Elaichi Badam, Wasabi, and many more.

In 2011, Pabrais started exploring the franchisee models. Besides the two company-owned outlets in Kolkata, it started selling franchises in cities like Mumbai, Mysore, Chennai, Delhi, etc. for Rs 50,000 per outlet. This price was later raised to Rs 2 lakh, Rs 3.5 lakh, and by 2018, each franchise cost about Rs 6 lakh.

However, the decision to raise the fee did not work out.

In 2019, recession had already set in. We reduced the franchise feefirst to Rs 4.5 lakh and then to Rs 3.5 lakh. During the pandemic, we reduced it to Rs 1.5 lakh.

The COVID-19 disruption also led to the closure of 20 stores. At present, Pabrais has 29 stores in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Guwahati, among others.

Different flavours offered by Pabrai's - Kolkata Meetha Paan, Rose Petal and Tender Coconut


From ice-creams to healthy snacks: How Havmors Ankit Chona is scaling up a nutrition brand

Anuvrat says while the SIDBI loan has been paid off and its manufacturing unit remains closed, the family has not liquidated Tulikas registration. However, Pabrais is registered as a partnership firm under the name K N & Co. (named after his two sons, Kunal and Nishant).

Before the pandemic, Pabrais was selling these ice creams at a margin of 30 percent profit. While it did not make any profit in FY21, things improved in FY22.

The company claims it is increasing the franchising fee againfrom Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh and gradually, even more.

Pabrais uses many imported ingredients in its products. For instance, the Matcha Green Tea Powder costs up to Rs 40,000 per kg, the Sichuan Peppercorn costs about Rs 20,000 per kg, and the natural cocoa powder costs Rs 1,700 per kg. These ingredients and others are imported from Japan, some parts of Europe, Ghana, and more.

However, all the ice creams are made in India in the companys unit, which has a monthly capacity of 30,000 litres. Another factory is in the works.

To expand volumes, Pabrais will focus on geographical expansion, with plans of opening five more stores across the country, targeting to have 14 more franchisee stores by the end of this financial year.

Even after almost 40 years, Anuvrats life remains deeply linked to ice cream.

He is currently serving as the Vice President of the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Associationwhile running Pabrais with his sons.

Whats Anuvrat's favourite flavour? "Nolen Gur...because I am its proud inventor, he says.

Scoops of success: How a failed family business rebuilt itself as a brand to reckon with - YourStory

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Fathers Day: Heres what you can gift to your superhero – indulgexpress

Posted: at 1:54 am

Has your father always been the go- to person for every woe and the first person you think of when you are in trouble? Fathers Day is just around the corner and its high time you plan some treats for the man in your life who has always had your back. We curate a list of presents that can bring a priceless smile on his face:

Beauty Elixir

Your father might not exactly be the person who believes in beauty and skincare, but its never too late to start. Check out these beauty brands to pamper your daddy cool with some much needed skin care:


Your father has worked hard to give you the comfortable life you seek, and the labour of love now reflects on his face as the years build up. What about some skin repairing potion, or a pigmentation reducing serum? Check outSkinsigns Repair + Lift Serum for Sensitive Skinpacked with the goodness of Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, orPigmentage Dual Serumthat helps exfoliate the skin to promote generation of new cells.

Price:Rs. 549 onwards

The Body Shop:

Much revered grooming and wellness brand The Body Shop has come up with a range of shaving creams, fragrances. haircare and skincare products specially curated for your dad. Gift him theirThe Body Shop Soft Skin Shaving Kitenriched with maca root from Peru and aloe vera from Mexico. Reenergise his skincare routine with the cleansing and moisturising treatGents Energising Skincare Kitor gift him the mane-swishing productGinger Haircare Gift Set.

Price:Rs. 2140 onwards


Gone are the days when men took grooming and wellness casually, and shrugged off taking care of oneself. Each person has unique preferences, but if your dad is a little inclined towards woodsy and earthy aromas over florals, check outInaturs range of essential oils made of sandalwood, tea tree, and vetiver.

Price:Rs. 450 onwards

Green and Beige

Its always hard for men to discuss their skin-related insecurities. However, as times are progressing men are slowly becoming more and more aware of their skin care needs. Check out these range of products from home-grown clean beauty brandGreen and Beige,and try their combo of BHA pore clarifying face cleanser+ CLEARITY Oil-Free Face Moisturiser + FACE SOLUTION Radiance And Nourishthat will take care of your dads skin from the effects of pollution, dust and UV Rays.

Price:Rs. 2958 onwards

Fashion Forward

Does your dad always like to be at the top of his game while putting his best fashion foot forward? This Fathers Day might be the perfect excuse to pamper him with some ultra-luxurious clothing and accessories. Check them out:


For the active dad that is a fitness inspiration to all of us, there is no better gift than a bag that helps him keep his necessities close and secure. From morning hikes to runs around the neighbourhood, gift himTUMIsAlpha Bravo Recruit Chest Packor,Alpha Bravo Waist Pack.If he is always hopping around,Alpha Bravo Top Roll Top Backpackmight be the perfect choice.

Price:On request


This Fathers Day gift your daddy cool some fashion forward products from the house of ALDO, that include watches, belts, bracelets, wallets, laptop bags and much more. Enhance his style quotient and individuality while he creates a strong fashion statement. The products are mostly available in neutral shades with splashes of colour here and there.

Price: On request

Jimmy Choo

The ultra- classy Jimmy Choo can never fail to impress any fashionista on earth. Grab this opportunity to pamper him with a luxe pair of Choos with eye-catching pieces that will make him look a few notches higher.

Price: On Request

Michael Kors

Wondering what to give a man who claims to have everything? Explore the Michael Kors Mens Spring Summer 2022 collection to pamper your superhero with fashion favourites. Select from a range of jackets, shoes, bags and watches to add the best selects to his wardrobe.

Price:On Request

Emporio Armani

The Italian fashion house exudes refined taste and class. Explore the Fathers Day edit by Emporio Armani to gift some classics to the first man in your life. The luxe brand has curated something in store for all types of fathers out there. Check out their Vacation essentials that include products likeNylon Cloche Hat, Lambskin Nappa leather gloves with Baguette detailor the formal line consisting ofChronograph Stainless Steel Watch, Patent Leather Oxfords,orStainless Steel Cufflinks

Price: On Request


Premium yet classic summer essentials for men might be the perfect choice for a Fathers Day gift this year. Woodlands has been around from time immemorial, and won trust from its patrons for its sturdy, long lasting range of shoes and belts. Gift your dad theirOlive Green Jogger,orAssorted Reversible Formal Beltto bring a smile on his face.

Price:Rs. 1797 onwards

Brew it Up

A fresh, hot, aromatic cup of tea or coffee can be the perfect brew to rejuvenate your dad after a long day at work. This Fathers day gift him some of the classiest range of teas and javas from exotic estates that is sure to shed all the stress off his shoulders.

The Tea Heaven

No matter how old you grow, or how successful you become, you will always be your fathers child. If you are looking for the perfect present to thank your father for his contributions this Fathers Day, gift him the perfect tea gifts from the house of The Tea Heaven.Immunity Booster Turmeric Teamight be the perfect option since COVID is again on the rise, whileStress Relief and Calming Teais the perfect brew when the day gets to your dad.

Price:Rs. 330 onwards


Celebrate this Fathers Day with an assortment of four delectable signature tea blends to admire the strength, support and love of a father. Dont forget to surprise him with Vahdams premium gift hampers made of delicious brews. The exquisite gift box includes 24 tea bags ofIndias Original Masala Chai, Organic Himalayan Green Tea, English Breakfast Black TeaandEarl Grey Tea.

Price:Rs. 799

Rage Coffee

Make your dads day-to-day life easier with some assorted range of flavourful coffees. The benefits from natural vitamin enriched Rage Coffees range of brews reduce daily anxiety and fatigue by improving stamina and cerebral blood flow among others.

Price:Rs. 849

Sweet Excuse

If you are shying away from big surprises and want to keep things short and sweet, how about some exclusively crafted range of chocolates? Theres no soul in this world that can say not to these bittery sweet delectables. So what are you waiting for?

Fabelle Chocolates by ITC

A Fabelle Elements Reimagined chocolate is a range that gives a creative rendition to nature. Showcasing a different persona of every father, the chocolates celebrate elements of a father who is strong as fire, nourishing as water, infinite as space, composed as air and nurturing as earth. Crafted with a rich outer shell, the delicious centre is filled with flavours and exotic ingredients.

Price:Rs. 575 onwards


Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get reads the famous dialogue from Forrest Gump. Take the hint and give the first man in your life a specially curated box of handcrafted chocolates to celebrate his experiences and hurdles he has overcome. SMOORs Fathers Day collection hosts a treasure- trove of treats created with rich ingredients, skilled craftsmanship and love & care.

Price:Rs. 230 onwards

Fathers Day: Heres what you can gift to your superhero - indulgexpress

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Green tea: Not only helps in losing belly fat but also boosts your metabolism – Times of India

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Green tea is one of the best drinks on earth and that too for all the good reasons. Green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and numerous helpful plant compounds that have tons of health benefits weight loss being just one of them. The polyphenols, called catechins, have the ability to aid fat loss. The rate at which your body converts food into usable energy is referred to as metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the faster you burn fat. Studies have shown that without the addition of exercise and just by consuming green tea regularly, you can burn an additional 75100 calories per day, making it a great choice if youre looking to boost your metabolism. Belly fat is not just unattractive but potentially lethal because it leads to inflammation, heart disorders, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and diabetes. But regular consumption of green tea can eliminate belly fat in just a matter of few weeks.

To burn fat, your body should first break it down in the fat cell and then transport it into the bloodstream. Studies suggest that the active compounds in green tea can aid this process by boosting the effects of fat-burning hormones, such as norepinephrine (noradrenaline).The main antioxidant in tea, EGCG, can help inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. When this enzyme is inhibited, the amount of norepinephrine increases, promoting fat breakdown. In fact, caffeine and EGCG both of which are found naturally in green tea have a synergistic effect. Ultimately, your fat cell breaks down more fat, which is released into your bloodstream for use as energy by cells like muscle cells.

Moreover, Green tea helps increase metabolism by 8%, if one consumes high-quality green tea. This is exactly what a Green tea Wellness brand should do. Whole leaf Green Tea coming especially from Assam and Darjeeling and from foothills of Himalayas, contain the highest antioxidant compounds, thus giving the maximum benefit in terms of weight loss. Just make sure you are drinking the real green tea, not the powdered stuff or bottled stuff which are not only full of preservatives but also contain a lot of sugar.

The potential metabolism-boosting qualities of green tea come from catechins, a type of compound antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from fat cells and helps speed the livers capacity for converting fat into energy, especially when paired with naturally occurring caffeine. In a recent 12-week study, the participants combined the daily habit of 4-5 cups of green teaeach day with a 25-minute workout. They lost an average of four more pounds and more belly fat than the non-tea-drinking exercisers. It is important to highlight that green tea can be combined with several other ingredients to offer even more health weight loss benefits fenugreek, ginger, spearmint, hibiscus and cinnamon.

Green tea can help speed up your metabolism due to the presence of EGCG compounds, one of the most impressive compounds that most people know nothing about. It was used to help in the treatment of several diseases and is believed to be the reason why the tea has such strong medicinal properties. Having 2-3 cups of green tea per day usually suffice, depending on the amount of EGCG. The best time is 30minutes after a meal or a cup or two before your workout session. Drinking it with each meal can help you feel very full so you would consume fewer calories. One of the major Green Tea providers in India, did a meta-analysis of 15 studies and found that green tea catechins helped participants lose an average of 4 pounds more than control groups. Moreover, evidence shows that the metabolism-boosting effects of Green Tea last for the long term.

In conclusion, every little bit adds up while you are on your journey to weight loss. Green tea works even better when combined with other effective weight loss strategies like eating more protein and cutting carbs. Of course, dont forget that the benefits of green tea extend beyond weight loss. It is also healthy for various other reasons, including brain health, oral care, sugar balance and wellness of heart.

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Green tea: Not only helps in losing belly fat but also boosts your metabolism - Times of India

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Iced Tea: Health Benefits Of Consuming This Refreshing Drink | – TheHealthSite

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Nutritionist Aman Puri shares the health benefits of drinking iced tea.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : June 17, 2022 11:32 AM IST

Iced tea started gaining traction in cookbooks in the 20th century. Before this, green tea or herbal tea were more commonly used as healthier alternatives to black tea and were popular by names such as Regent's Punch, named after the English Prince George IV.

Iced tea is believed to have been invented at the World's Fair held in St.Louis by the Late Mr Richard Blechynden- India's Tea Commissioner and Director of the East India Pavilion. He decided to offer complimentary hot tea to people at the fair but soon figured out the crowd's hesitation in consuming it in hot weather. So Blechynden and his team decided to serve the tea chilled using iced lead pipes. The group highly appreciated this idea at the fair and soon gained popularity as a refreshing summertime drink in the USA. It soon became popular in different parts of the world, and each country has its cultural variations of iced tea.

These days iced tea is commonly available as 'instant iced tea' in packaged bottles or ready-to-consume cans at convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and vending machines. In India, instant ice tea is more famous than traditional iced tea and is available at most restaurants, hotels, cafes, and malls. Nutritionist Aman Puri, Founder of Steadfast Nutrition, shares the health benefits of drinking iced tea.

Often, black tea is used as a joint base for preparing iced tea.

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