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Brands Are "Camouflaging" Their Actives: Here’s How It Works – mindbodygreen

Posted: October 1, 2022 at 1:46 am

The thing is, you might already camouflage your actives without even knowing it. Say, if you're sensitive to retinoids, perhaps you've tried the "moisture sandwich" method, where you apply the product in between layers of moisturizers to buffer its potency. Camouflaged actives follow a similar beatthey're just already sandwiched in the formula itself.

And again, the actives themselves aren't diluted. They're still potent enough to deliver desired end results (smoothing skin texture, softening fine lines, busting breakouts, etc.), but the accompanying tidal wave of hydration soothes the skin at the same time. Peach & Lily's Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask, for example, includes a whopping 10% glycolic acid and 0.5% salicylic acid, and the formula has an acidic pH of around 3.6 to help keep those acids active. "Traditionally, all of this would mean that those with sensitive skin should steer clear," Yoon notes. But because it also folds in players like allantoin, green tea, cica, chamomile, turmeric, blue agave, panthenol, and aloe, the result is also gentle and nonirritating.

Similarly, Eighth Day's Resurfacing Tonic includes high concentrations of lactic acid and glycolic acid (in fact, it's described as a "chemical peel in a bottle"), yet it's made with sensitive skin in mind. "I spent five years and created over 20 versions of the product to professionally balance the ingredients in the formula," says founder, board-certified dermatologist, and dermatologic surgeon Antony Nakhla, who managed to secure the perfect harmony of aloe leaf and cucumber extracts to help soothe and calm the skin.

At this point, you're probably thinking: If camouflaging is so effective, why haven't brands done this in the past? Well, buffering actives and making sure they stay stabilized is an incredibly delicate dance, and until recently, not many labs were up for the challenge. Plus, "Those with sensitive skin are often told not to use any sort of 'harsh' products and become fearful of them," says Nakhla.

As a result, most sensitive skin formulas solely focus on hydration and skin barrier supportwhich is important, no doubt, but sensitive skin is not a one-size-fits-all category. "Many people can tolerate varying amounts of actives," Nakhla says. Sensitivity is a spectrum; the more we understand the many intricacies, the more elevated these products become.

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Brands Are "Camouflaging" Their Actives: Here's How It Works - mindbodygreen

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Dabur makes an entry into Rs 5,600-crore premium tea market with Vedic tea – Business Standard

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Dabur India has entered the Rs 5,600-crore premium tea market with the recent launch of Dabur Vedic Tea, a premium category black tea under the health supplements segment, as it looks to get aggressive in the competitive packaged tea market.

It entered the Rs 19,500-crore tea market back in 2020 with the launch of Dabur Vedic Suraksha tea, taking on leading brands like Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care, Tata Tea Gold, and Taj Mahal from the stables of Hindustan Unilever and Tata Tea. According to Nielsen MAT data, the packaged tea market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 8 per cent.

Innovation is critical to our sustained success and we will continue to introduce new products to strengthen our portfolio. We are launching a range of new products to increase our addressable market. We have not only increased our research and development (R&D) spends but we are also ensuring that innovations are targeted and quick to market. Today, new products contribute to 4-5 per cent of our sales, said Dabur Indias Chief Executive Officer Mohit Malhotra.

Dabur Vedic Tea is available in three stock keeping units 100 gms for Rs 60, 250 gms for Rs 150, and 500 gms for Rs 295. Dabur is positioning the product at the premium end of the market, which is growing around 15 per cent.

Malhotra said Dabur also plans to enter the loose tea market. He added that the Real Drinks brand, which was launched last year, touched Rs 100 crore-mark in its very first year and is poised to cross the Rs 200 crore mark this year.

We are also rolling out a series of digital-first products, especially for e-commerce. Our strategy is to use e-commerce as the launch platform for many new-age formats, build up scale here and then roll them out in other channels. Our digital-first brands are also performing well and we are set to cross the Rs 100 crore-mark this year with this portfolio, he said.

In the premium tea market, the size of the green tea segment is Rs 900 crore and premium loose tea is much larger at Rs 4,700 crore.

The western region contributes 33 per cent to the total premium tea segment with market size of Rs 1,551 crore Maharashtra contributes Rs 812 crore, Gujarat contributes Rs 584 crore, and Madhya Pradesh Rs 155 crore.

Dabur also launched Hommade Tasty Masala on Monday, which marked its entry into the spices market. Meanwhile, the firm has lined up a few more aggressive launches including honey-based sweets, Ratnaprash sugar-free-based chocolates, and peanut butter in three variants, a new segment altogether, in the coming weeks.

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Dabur makes an entry into Rs 5,600-crore premium tea market with Vedic tea - Business Standard

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Matcha Recipe That Helps With Bloating, and Blood Sugar Regulation [Video] – One Green Planet

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Matchaoriginated in 12th-century Japan and served as a staple ingredient in traditionalJapanese teaceremonies. It comes from Japanese green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine, green powder. Matcha is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes! But are you aware of the health benefits of matcha?

Many studies have suggested that matcha offers great health benefits. Because matcha is made from the whole green tea leaf, coming from the Camellia sinensis plant, it is a more potent source of nutrients and has a greater amount of caffeine and antioxidants than what is typically found in regular green tea.

This Tiktoker shared a unique spin on traditional matcha that she says can help ease bloating and regulate blood sugar. For this recipe, she starts by making matcha as usual with a shot of warm water, one serving of matcha powder, and 1 cup of dairy-free milk. The secret ingredient in this recipe is chia seeds! Nadine adds 1 tsp to the matcha, stirs it all up, and waits for the seeds to absorb liquid. Nadine adds ice to top it all off.

Chia seeds contain a large dose of potassium and magnesium in just one tablespoon, along with Vitamin B6. The fiber found in chia is also mainly soluble. Soluble fiber soaks up excess wastes and helps remove them from the body instead of causing discomfort. This is just what you want to treat or prevent bloating. Their fiber content also helps normalize blood glucose levels by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.

For more gut health & wellness tips, follow Nadine on TikTok!

Easy Ways to Help the Planet:

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Matcha Recipe That Helps With Bloating, and Blood Sugar Regulation [Video] - One Green Planet

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These Are the Best Readers’ Choice and Best of Beauty Award-Winning Products Sold at Sephora – Allure

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Youth to the People's Polypeptide 121 Future Cream is thick, moisturizing, and features a packed list of skin-nourishing ingredients, including peptides, plant proteins, and ceramides for boosting hydration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Beautyblender's Original Makeup Sponge is one that will always remain supreme among beauty novices and pros alike. You can't talk to a makeup artist without a Beautyblender somehow making its way into the conversation. Not only does Patrick Ta, in particular, swear by it for flawlessly blending out foundation, but he also dabs it onto lids to clean up eye shadow if he over-blended.

Meet the Drybar Reserve 3-in-1 Interchangeable Blow-Dryer. This multitasking tool comes with three different attachments: a Blow-Dryer for a super-fast and easy blowout, Oval Brush for volume and shine, and Paddle Brush for a sleek and straight look.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum smells like a lavish floral shop in a bottle. Notes of pear, white gardenia, and brown sugar give off a sweet yet sophisticated scent. Put it this way: if you smell this on yourself or on someone else in passing, you'll fall in love instantly.

Youth to the People's Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Cleanser sounds like a cold-pressed juice, smells like apples, and looks like dish detergent, but don't be fooled this face wash is something worth talking about and clearing off some counter space for. The antioxidant-heavy formula is packed with everything it touts in all caps on the front of the bottle (kale, green tea, spinach, and vitamins C, E, and K, to be exact). The ingredients work double-time to wash away daily grime, reduce inflammation, and keep skin bright and dewy.

Don't you wish you could bring a professional hairstylist with you wherever you go? Well, the GHD Unplugged Cordless Styler is the next best thing to a living, breathing on-the-go stylist. This cordless flatiron can be charged over and over again to use when you're out and about. It's tiny enough to stow in your tote bag, and the straightener can be used cordless for a full 20 minutes just enough time for a quick touch-up. This stout straightener heats up to a temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum styling and includes high-gloss plates for smoothing over hair in minutes.

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These Are the Best Readers' Choice and Best of Beauty Award-Winning Products Sold at Sephora - Allure

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The Best Beauty Products & Launches of September 2022 – Highsnobiety

Posted: at 1:46 am

Welcome toTop Shelf,Highsnobiety'smonthly guide tothe best new beauty products worth trying and displaying in your bathroom.

Ah, September sweet relief from the oppressive heatMother Earth subjected us to this summer. With the shift in temperature comes a shift in myproduct rotation: I'm swapping powders for creams, fresh fragrances for sweet scents, and doubling up on moisture.

Luckily, brands have offered no shortage of winter-ready products. From iota's skin-nourishing shower gels to Aeir's Impossible Burger of fragrance, the month was packed with noteworthy beauty launches.

Let's get into it.

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As a fragrance enthusiast, it's pretty unacceptable that I'd never tried hair perfume before Gisou knownfor its honey-powered haircare allowed me to previewtheir scented spray. If you use fragrance-free shampoo (like David Mallett's perhaps?), Gisou's mist willwrap your strands,not your sensitive scalp, in floral, fruity, musky deliciousness.

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I don't use body oil religiously, but applying Tatcha's silky salve isthe ultimatestress-relieverafter a particularlypacked day. On the oddoccasionI shower at night (morning bathers, unite), I apply the ultra-moisturizing oil over my body lotion. Goes great with your favorite podcast.

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Milk's latest offering puts the full in full coverage: blendable, moisturizing but not greasy, and packaged in a travel-friendly tube, Future Fluid checks all my boxes.

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Daniel Patrick Giles of Perfumehead, the fragrance brand bottling pop culture, drew from Gore Vidals Myra Breckinridge, Madonna's "Dont Tell Me," and the Marlboro Man while dreaming up Cosmic Cowb0y, a rich, heady scent perfect for winter.From afar,the fragrance is sweet, almost fruity but up close, it transforms into a smoky, incense-y cocktail. Cozy up.

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As I mentioned above, I'm a morning shower-er. Theinvigoratingscent of iota's Supervitamin Body Wash in Mandarin Rind + Cedar Atlas wakes me up faster than a cup of green tea. Plus, the non-stripping formula doesn'tdry out my skin.

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The founders of Aeir, another newly launched fragrance brand, have created the Impossible Burger of scentby eschewing natural extraction in favor of synthetics. Of the brand's four inaugural fragrances, Virgin Olive an herbaceous, bitter concoctionwith a juniper-adjacent finish is my favorite.

Skel Hooded Jacket


Skel Hooded Jacket


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The Best Beauty Products & Launches of September 2022 - Highsnobiety

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Get Glowing This Festive Season With These Serums At Upto 60% Off – NDTV Swirlster

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No skincare routine is complete without the right serums. Serums play a pivotal role in any kind of skincare regimen. From targeting acne to giving a glow from within, serums serve different purposes. And while we love experimenting with new formulations, this time is the perfect time to amp up our routine to get glowing this festive season. We love investing in a good serum which is effective and gives us good results. And with the Amazon Great Indian Festival, you have brands like L'oreal Paris, Pilgrim and more offering top discounts on new launches and much more. What better time than a sale to invest in your favourite skincare essentials. This festive season, get glowing with these absolute must-have serums. It is about time you get your hands on these amazing serums right away!

This serum from L'Oreal Paris reduces five years of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and reveals even skin tone by stimulating cell renewal. It contains glycolic acid which helps in treating dark spot treatment. It tends to be suitable for all skin types.

This serum from Lakme is infused with the goodness of morocco argan oil which is known to provide superior nourishment. This lightweight concentrate combines the power of a serum and oil which eventually gives you a tinted glow.

(226 ratings & 1,266 reviews)

This serum from Plum is a great way to get that festive glow. This serum helps in collagen production and fights sun damage. It also contains pure ethyl ascorbic acid that helps in dealing with hyperpigmentation.

(50 ratings & 626 reviews)

Infused with the goodness of vitamin C and ferulic acid, this serum works on providing a balanced skin tone, reduces dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and also minimizes redness resulting in glowing skin and reduces dullness and tanning.

A glowing clear skin is what we all need this festive season. This serum from Nourish Mantra helps in improving skin radiance and glow and provides instant hydration. It also at the same time helps in boosting skin elasticity.

Enriched with the goodness of vitamin C and green tea, this serum helps in getting you hydrated, plump and perked-up skin. It is super lightweight when applied and is enriching. It nourishes the skin and gives you a glowing skin.

(515 ratings & 2,123 reviews)

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Get Glowing This Festive Season With These Serums At Upto 60% Off - NDTV Swirlster

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Frula Beauty: The new woman-owned, NZ-made, clean, luxury skincare brand you can find at the supermarket – Newshub

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We all know 'beauty is pain', but we often don't speak about the pain it inflicts on our wallets. Keeping up with the endless slew of trending lotions, potions and elixirs can pack an almighty punch on the bank balance, with many of the 'must-have' products of the moment coming with a hefty price tag.

Price and performance aren't always synonymous, however; for example, I'm partial to my $25 Maybelline FitMe Foundation, which provides buildable coverage with a dewy finish to rival many high-end options. I'll also often reach for my trusty $5 liquid liner by Essence over the $45 Benefit Cosmetics 'They're Real' Xtreme Precision Liquid Eyeliner. And when it comes to skincare, the sky's the limit, but I'll almost always revert to my tried-and-trusted Weleda Skin Food - I'm sorry, but unless you're Beyonc, there's no reason to be spending $625 on La Mer.

But finding affordable, accessible products that still offer that little hit of luxury you crave at the end of a long day isn't always easy - they're out there, but it's a bit like looking for that one gem among Recycle Boutique's overstuffed racks. However, a New Zealand-made skincare brand might just be the peachy-packaged answer to our prayers.

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Frula Beauty: The new woman-owned, NZ-made, clean, luxury skincare brand you can find at the supermarket - Newshub

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Enterprising Irishman makes detailed maps, including GPS coordinates, of every secret wave in Hawaii and California; uses chodes from Manhattan Beach…

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Chode (pictured).

Paddle V-Land with the crew!

There are rules in our odd surfing world and there are rules. Dont paddle out in a pack, dont jibber jabber in the lineup, dont wear a spring-suit even in spring, dont skirt around somebody who has been sitting on the peak (unless they are straddling a Wavestorm), dont throw water in the air in an attempt to entice the surf gods to send swell, etc. etc.


Well, an enterprising Irishman has boldly flouted the all-caps no-no by producing beautiful maps of the Hawaiian islands and California with exact coordinates to every secret wave in the aforementioned plus many more details and has employed chodes from Manhattan Beach (according to noted surf personality) to advertise and hopefully sell.

Good idea?

Bold flaunting?

Buy here?

Death in the Afternoon.

As students of professional surfing are keenly aware, the Summer Olympics are but two years away and with it, the Sport of Kings glorious return to global attention. Surfing was, of course, introduced as an Olympic sport at the last games in Japan. With no spectators were allowed on the beach, due Covid restrictions, the whole scene was rather droll, little waves lapping Italo Ferreiras calves as he claimed gold.


This next running, though, will see surfers paddling out at might Teahupoo. The end of the road there in French Polynesia with its terrifying blue fold detonating on ouchy reef. Green spires twirling skyward, in the background, while boats bob and boil in the channel.

Teahupoo is impossible to ignore and will be possible to ignore for the multiple millions tuning in around from around the globe for the very first time.

High stakes.

The problem, however, is that to qualify for an opportunity to huck over the awful ledge, surf hopefuls test themselves against Huntington Beachs sandy slop and, next year, El Salvadors clean little right points. The sheer absurdity of using those waves as a gauntlet for the Left of Doom is, according to David Lee Scales, an act of willful negligence bordering on sociopathy.

Now, Scales did not say those exact words, and I wouldnt necessarily call him a progressive moral bellwether like some have, but the point was true and powerful as he delivered it during our weekly scheduled chat.

Imagine surfers, not on the World Surf League, forced to do battle at Teahupoo for the very first time. Will it pure chaos, brave boys and girls leaping into death or glory? Or will many choose to reprise 2022 champion Filipe Toledos brave act of cowardice, sitting out the back, refusing to play?

I suppose without Finals Day there on Lower Trestles cobbled stone backing Teahupoo up, dropping anchor wont truly be an option.

So pandemonium, then.

Good watching, no doubt, but fair to the Olympians?


Listen, and ponder, here but also, episode is very much worth a scrub to the last three minutes wherein an epic remix recounting Toledos historic day is waiting for you.

Corrigans posture is perfect, his rail is buried, and he has speed to burn. There is no wasted movement; it is a photograph of mastery. Photo: Aitionn

A classic story of sliding doors or how two men of equal ability and from the same beach can veer down wildly different paths.

During a business trip to Sydney in 2009, I went to Bondi to try to find my old friend, Ant Corrigan.

The town had changed quite a bit since my last visit in 1984the pubs and their punters, the milk bars and their pinball machines, the junkies and their smackall replaced by bistros, boutiques, and bankers.

Located less than five miles from Kings Cross, Sydneys notorious red-light district, Bondi is the closest beach to the city center.

The horseshoe-shaped cove stretches roughly a kilometer from the pool at the Icebergs Swimming Club at the south to the rocks at the north.

Unlike Sydneys more exclusive northern beaches, up until the 1990s, Bondi was an extremely diverse working-class town. It is lovingly referred to by its residents as Scum Valley due to its filthy, polluted water.

During the 1970s, after a bad storm, it was not unusual for the beach to be littered with faeces, used condoms and syringes.

I figured that the most logical place to begin my search for Ant would be at the Rip Curl wetsuit shop on Campbell Parade behind the beach park. After all, Ant in his custom made red and yellow wetsuits doing Larry Bertleman-like turns, on Micheal Cundiths Sky Surfboards, made him the alternative poster child of the 1980s.

The surfer behind the counter told me that Corrigan, like most of the old Bondi locals, had moved from the coast and that my best bet was to look for him after 4 p.m. in the Off-Track Betting section of the Royal Hotel on Bondi Road.

The Royal was one of the few remaining old school pubs in this now upscale area. I got there early, spotted some concrete, paint, and plaster-spackled surfers my age enjoying after-work schooners and approached them.

When I asked about Ant, it quickly turned into a reunion of sorts.A few schooners later, and one of my new friends was on the phone, putting out the word that Corros seppo [American] mate Pete was in town and looking for him.

Word got back to me that Ant worked for Qantas and was finishing up his shift at the airport but would meet me at the Royal the following night.

Ant Corrigan and I had shared some magical, carefree days surfing northern New South Wales in 1984 before the pressures of adult life encroached upon us.

More than one of Australias greatest surfers, Ant was a classic Aussie larrikin who had more in common with Ned Kelly than the hipsters who had taken over his hometown.

Those who were born and bred in Bondi grew up fast.

Skullduggery was common, so Southside surfers had to be apt and on their toes.Dealing with rioting, rapes and murders and cops and robbers, were all part of the city beach lifestyle, wrote Matt Ellks in his novel Scum Valley, It was an area where street credibility went a long way. You could have all the money in the world, but if you didnt have street-cred, you were nothing.In this environment, your daily exploits were the measuring stick of who you were.

Long before the Fords, Corrigans, Horans, Crams and Webbers, there were iconic Bondi watermen like Keith Spaz Hurst, Jack Bluey Mayes, Kevin The Head Brennan, and the gladiators who manned the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Association who would set the standards for generations of Bondi watermen to come.

World War II veterans like Adrian Curlewis, who survived three years as a Japanese POW in Burma, built the surf lifesaving associations along military lines, with battalions, patrol captains, and served as the organizations president for forty years (1935-1975).

The first phase of Australian beach culture was defined by the volunteer groups that sprang up along the coast to reduce the number of drownings at the nations treacherous beaches. These clubs gathered regularly for surf carnivals that featured swimming, paddling, running, surfboat, and surfski competitions.

The day usually ended with beer-soaked sausage-sizzles, the inevitable interclub blues (fights), and then truces sealed by more beer and laughs.

Founded in 1906, the North Bondi Surf and Social Club was much more radical than your typical surf club.

North had all the characters, said former Australian surfing champ Robert Connelly, The renegades who wouldnt do community service, wouldnt patrol beaches on a Sunday because they wanted to go surfing at South Bondi. They were more stage wrestlers and boxers.Im talking Hollywood George, the wrestlers and the nightclub bouncers coming down to stay fit.

Qantas engineer Vic Corrigan was a member of the prestigious North Bondi rescue-boat crew.The punters (bookies) son grew up in Bondi in a house with racehorse stables.Corrigan married Maureen Hallahan, and by the early 1960s the couple had three children: Steve, Cathy, and Ant.

The young Corrigan family spent most of their free time at the beach. We just loved the water, said Cathy Corrigan Clapoudis. We used to go down to the Bondi baths all the time.

After Vic and Maureen divorced, the single mother moved into a friends Bondi apartment, where Steve and Ant shared a room but spent most of their days surfing and skateboarding. When the Ford brothers formed the invitation-only Panache Surf Club, they invited Steve Corrigan, one of Australias hottest up-and-coming surfers, to join.

The Ford brothers knew that some of Australias best surfers were in nearby Narrabeen, and if the Bondi mob was to successfully compete against them, they had to measure themselves against them on a regular basis.

Although it was only eighteen miles north, Narrabeen was a world away.

The Harbour Bridge, and the miles of road in between, wrote Ellks, protected northside beaches from a lot of city heat.

Not only were the waves better, but there was also a hotbed of surfing talent where some of Australias greatest surfersCol Smith, Terry Fitzgerald, and Simon Andersonwere all about to make their marks in Hawaii, South Africa, and California in the new sport of professional surfing.

The Ford brothers bought a VW van, and before dawn each morning, they filled it with Bondis best surfers and drove to Narrabeen.

Two of the surfers who were usually in that van were Steve Corrigan and his diminutive, toe-headed brother.

I used to surf most mornings, Monday to Friday, before primary school, Ant recalled, Those trips were unbelievable. I was surfing with the best surfers in the world. It was like a competition every morning. I was privileged to be a part of it.

Ant Corrigan got so good so young, that it would take many years for his peers to catch up.

The name, Corrigan, say from 1973 to 1977, over the course of two brothers, meant a ton to the hopes and dreams of surfers everywhere, wrote Derek Hynd, The Corrigans were a strong representation of why things burned for a whole generation of career-destined Australians down the track.

Bondis surfing population exploded in the early 1970s, and there were now three main factions: the Hill Crew, the Wall Crew, and the Rock Crew.

The elite Hill Crew occupied the grass hillside overlooking the beach.

According to Cheyne Horan, one of Australias greatest professional surfers, If anyone walked up the hill, they had to have a reason. So, if they werent with the crew, youd pelt them with milk cartons.

In the water, the surfing hierarchy was even stricter.

In those days, recalled Horan, we werent even allowed to speak to the older guys. You werent allowed to paddle out the back. Bondi had a big thing like that. We werent even allowed to surf in the south corner if they were in the water. They paddled out and guys just paddled in.

1974 was a big year for Australian pro surfing, and many had high hopes for Steve Corrigan when he traveled south to Torquay to compete at the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro. Although his competitive performance was mediocre, word of his free-surfing and his roundhouse-loop cutback spread quickly.

Surfing wouldnt draw the lines it draws now without Steve Corrigan. Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren! exclaimed Cheyne Horan, all those guys have got a bit of Steve Corrigan in them.

While some criticize the Fords for being straight and square, there is no denying their success in turning Bondi into a breeding ground for competitive surfing talent.

At the 1976 New South Wales Championships, Bondi surfers took 1st through 3rd places in every division. At the Australian Titles, Bondi also swept every division with Ant Corrigan winning the under-15 division and Cheyne Horan winning the under-19.

So it turned out that this hot little crew of guys in Australia are possibly the best kids in the world, recalled Horan with pride.

Although Cheyne was slightly older than his doppelgnger, Ant Corrigan, they became fast friends.The pair surfed together all day, every day, their only breaks being for what Horan described as the really dodgy sandwiches, worse than 7-Eleven.

In true Bondi fashion, Ant figured out a way to remove their lunch from the vending machine in the pool hall across from the beach without paying.

Wed get a couple of tasties, a couple of free drinks, recalled Corrigan, and then fuck off.

When the pair wasnt surfing, they were skateboarding, which Horan believes accelerated their surfing progression.

We tried to do things that the old guys couldnt comprehend. Thats where Ant and I got into 360s and different things like that.

After Horan won the Australian Titles in December of 1976, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional surfer. In order to do this, he needed a bankroll and approached Steve Corrigan, who worked as a plumber, for an apprenticeship.

Corrigan told Horan that he could start the following week after he returned from a ski trip to the Snowy Mountains. Tragically, Steve fell asleep driving home from the mountains, and got into a head-on collision with a bus. His two passengers survived, but Corrigan died from his injuries.

While Bondis tight-knit surfing community was shattered by the loss of their most promising surfing son, nobody took it harder than Ant.

After Steve passed, it really affected him, said Ants sister Cathy. They shared a room and it was very hard on Ant. He often stayed with other friends and family who sort of adopted him after the accident. Mum was so beside herself, she was happy if he was happy.

It was just a devastating time, a really sad time for everybody, recalled Horan. To me it was the start of manhood as us grommets set aside childish ways to face the realities of life. From that day on, my brother and I, we took Ant on as a brother. We were always there for him. We forged that brotherhood, more than just a friendship.

After his brothers death, Ant took a more Dionysian view of life, and the city became his playground. At sixteen Corrigan doctored his birth certificate so he could work at the Chevron Hotel in Kings Cross where his friends mother ran the notoriously raucous bar with an iron fist.

Everyone had a lot of respect for her, she wouldnt take any shit from any sailors, Ant recalled. My boss was a gay bloke and she just said to him straightaway, Keep your hands off him, Barry, if I see you go near him, Ill rip your nuts off! Barry didnt look at me twice after that.

When the U.S. Navy ships docked in Sydney Harbor, they were bussed straight from their ships to the giant pub and nightclub where a platoon of Sydneys heaviest bouncers were always ready for battle.

The Yanks would come when their ships landed, said Corrigan. There was a bit of friction between us and the Yankees at the time. I saw some heavy brawls at that joint.

By the end of his 16th year, Ant knew the working girls in the Cross by name and enjoyed aprs-work nightcaps at Bourbon & Beefsteak, the CIAs haunt in Sydney.

Ant was still one of Australias best surfers, but unlike his friend Cheyne Horan, he was neither enamoured nor impressed by pro surfing.

Seventeen-year-old Horan, in only his second year on the fledgling International Professional Surfing tour, was ranked second in the world. Horan and Corrigans sponsor, Rip Curl wetsuits, convinced Ant to enter the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.

Cheyne Horan got up in the dark on a cold Victorian morning to cheer on his friend, but when he got to the beach, Ant was nowhere to be found.

Theyre calling out his name, Im waiting at the contest for him, said Horan, and he doesnt show up. Thats typical Ant. I know Ant and I know that he doesnt really care about the contest scene as much as we do.

Horan figured that his friend had gotten drunk or met a girl, and just let it slip by.

More than a decade later, he asked Ant about that fateful day at Bells. Although Corrigan made it to his hotel in nearby Torquay, his ride to the contest site never showed up.

So thats how Ant Corrigan missed out on being a pro surferthe guy not showing up to take him to the beach, said Horan, who then drew a deeper meaning from the missed ride. Its nature taking its course. It was never going to be his destiny and it wasnt.

While much has been made about the missed heat at Bells Beach, Corrigans real denouement with pro surfing occurred a few years later at the 1979 Stubbies Pro at Burleigh Heads.

After a blistering 3rd place finish in the trials, Ant should have qualified for a spot in the main event. However, contest organizer Bill Bolman decided to give one of the overseas competitors his place.

I surfed in trials to even get to the trials, says Corrigan. They kept knocking me back until I ended up 16th reserve.

Toward the end of the championship heat between Hawaiian Dane Kealoha and Australian world champion Mark Richards, an angry Corrigan paddled out and waited in the channel for the contest to end.

The second the horn went off, he sprint-paddled deep into the lineup.

I just knew where it was going to break, and this solitary 4-foot wave come out of nowhere.

In front of the giant crowd watching on the beach, Ant caught the wave of the day.

I knew what I was going to do, he said. I was gonna show right off! I start spinning roundhouse 360 after roundhouse 360.

When Corrigan got to shore, I kicked me board up under me arm and marched up the beach. Me hair hadnt even gotten wet. People were going, Why werent you in the contest? Why werent you in the contest? I said, Ask Bill Bolman!

Ant returned to Bondi and his job at the pub. Pro surfing was less disillusioning to him than it was boring.

I had a gutful, I wasnt getting anywhere I wanted to go, he recalled, I was a bit of a reb and free spirit and had more fun surfing with friends and probably got better waves than the pro surfers, just traveling with mates to secret spots and had a wonderful time with no hassles.

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Enterprising Irishman makes detailed maps, including GPS coordinates, of every secret wave in Hawaii and California; uses chodes from Manhattan Beach...

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Best Nootropics: Top 5 Products For Brain Function –

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Still have some questions about what nootropics are or how they might help improve brain health?

The topic can be a tricky oneand shouldnt be one thats taken lightly, so weve put together some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about nootropics below.

CBD and nootropics are two entirely different types of compounds.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical called a cannabinoid, which is found in the cannabis plant. There are more than 100 cannabinoids found in hemp, and they work together to create the plants overall texture, taste, scent, and much more.

When consumed by the body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Found throughout the body and brain as a series of sensors, the ECS works to help keep the body in a state of internal balance. CBD plugs directly into this network, helping these sensors become more sensitive to their internal environment and work more quickly and effectively to bring any imbalances back to a state of stasis.

Since it interacts with a system that spans the whole body, CBD can help with any number of ailments, including issues with skin dryness or flakiness, chronic pain, sore muscles, and even instances of anxiety and depression.

Nootropics, on the other hand, primarily affect the brain. In general, they open up the brains neurological pathways to receiving moreor differenttypes of chemicals, which causes a chain reaction throughout the mind and body. Unlike CBD, nootropics are also stimulants, which create a greater sense of energy in the body and more focus in the mind.

Combining the effects of CBD and nootropics can have a powerful impact, which is why many companies have started pairing these chemical compounds off together.

CBD can help create better mental performance by promoting a sense of calm throughout the mind and body. That alone is often helpful for people to cultivate a sense of focus and clarity. But nootropics can also produce these effects by directly impacting the cognitive function of the brain. That the two come about creating a sense of calm focus using different biological methods makes them complementary.

And while CBD is still relatively new in the world of research, and studies on all of the chemicals potential are ongoing, other research efforts have found that combining certain nootropics together can amplify the power of both so its possible that a similar effect can be achieved by mixing nootropics with CBD.

The answer to this is most likely no.

While some types of CBD do contain some tetrahydrocannabinola.k.a. THC, the chemical compound responsible for getting highwhich is most frequently what drug tests are searching for, the product can only legally be sold when containing no more than 0.3% THC. In order for that amount of the chemical to show up on a drug test, someone would have to take very large quantities of full-spectrum CBD for a prolonged period of time.

For their part, nootropics arent typically looked for in drug test results at all, which should make them mostly safe for anyone whos concerned.

Nootropics are a fascinating and incredible group of chemical compounds with so much potential for boosting mental performance, cognitive function, and overall brain health. Together, these botanic, synthetic, and prescription concoctions have the power to make our minds function better, stronger, and faster.

Combined with the advantages of CBD, nootropics can have a potent impact on the bodys level of calm clarity. And while there are some concerns about certain classes of nootropicsand no one should ever take prescription medications without the full consent of their doctorusing some over-the-counter products in moderation, especially those including all-natural or botanical nootropics, can be a great way to offer your body and brain the boost of energy it needs.

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Best Nootropics: Top 5 Products For Brain Function -

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What to eat and drink in Taiwan – Lonely Planet Travel News

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Taiwan is an island of foodies where snacking is the national pastime, no matter the time of day (or night). The very definition of a melting pot, Taiwans incredible cuisine draws upon Chinese Fujian, Cantonese, and Hakka flavors, the foraged fare of Taiwans indigenous Peoples, and a sprinkling of Japanese and American influence, too.

You dont need to go upmarket in Taiwan to eat the best food either youll have some of the most profound dining experiences on the street, grazing past rows of mom n pop stalls that fry, grill, or steam just one or two xiao chi (small eats) to perfection. Heres our food primer to get you started on traditional food in Taiwan.

Taiwanese beef noodle soup () unites braised beef and chewy wheat noodles in a slow-simmered broth, with a tickle of Sichuan spice and a tang of pickled mustard greens. Its not surprising to learn that this cuddle in a bowl was created by folks pining for a taste of home veterans of Chinas civil war who had crossed the sea to Taiwan, bringing their regional recipes with them. Today, niurou mian is Taiwans de facto national dish (it has its own festival) and has even been credited with reversing the islands long-held taboo on eating beef.

Where to try it: Yongkang Beef Noodles, Taipei.

Boba cha, also known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or zhenzhu naicha (), is the drinks craze Taiwan gifted to the world. Served at roadside stands and in chain outlets, the classic edition shakes up tea, milk, ice, sugar, and chewy pearls of tapioca. But these days it can be made with blended fruits, pureed taro, sweet potato balls, and even cheese the more Instagram-worthy the better. But what almost all the boba variants have in common is a cocktail-style shake over ice before serving and an extra-wide straw to hoover up all those springy, syrupy bubbles of tapioca along with the tea.

Where to try it: Chun Shui Tang, Taipei.

Taiwanese have got it right snacking just feels way more fun at night! At night markets all over the island, dozens of vendors each typically family-run dish up cheap, moreish mouthfuls under the glow of bare bulbs: think soups, sausages, squid skewers, sweet treats, stinky tofu, and stuff stuffed inside other stuff. Some night market snacks are food icons in their own right, like gooey oyster omelets (), salt-crisp fried chicken tossed with basil leaves and five-spice, and shaved ice desserts () topped with red beans, mango, taro balls, and bathed in sweet condensed milk.

Where to try it: Miaokou Night Market, Keelung.

Din Tai Fung served its first-ever steamer of hand-pleated xiaolongbao (steamed pork dumplings filled with soup) in Taipei in 1972 and it endures as some of the most famous food in Taiwan. The original Xinyi Road branch is still going strong, with daily queues attesting to the quality and simplicity of its Shanghai fare. It also features warming wonton soup and pork cutlet over egg-fried rice. In 2010, the brand picked up its first Michelin star, not in Taipei but Hong Kong. Now truly a worldwide icon, the Taiwan-born chain has over 170 branches across the globe.

Where to try it: Din Tai Fung, Taipei.

Despite being overwhelmingly Han Chinese, Taiwan is home to half a million indigenous islanders from 16 officially recognized Peoples. These aboriginal Formosans have evolved a cuisine derived from the foraged fare of mountain veggies, seafood, and wild game. In Taiwans remote regions, youre sure to come across wild boar served with onions and greens, steamed rice stuffed into bamboo tubes, and millet wine once the tonic of tribal rituals. You might also encounter dishes of betel-nut salad, birds nest fern and even flying squirrel; everything that the forests and mountains have traditionally provided.

Where to try it: Taiya Popo, Yilain.

Taipei has taken to craft beer in a typically stylish and idiosyncratic way. En-vogue bars from the likes of Taihu, Sunmei, and Zhangmen (all home-grown brands) pour creative brews in thimble-sized glasses, harnessing the bold flavors of local ingredients like kumquats, longan honey, and smoked plums. Craft cocktails are booming too, with speakeasy-style joints like Ounce Taipei mixing masterful creations in a moody dark-wood setting.

Where to try it: Driftwood, Taipei.

Done well, Taiwans spin on green-onion-and-fried-egg pancakes (; congyoubing) is food heaven on a shoestring crisp, pillowy, and just oily enough to cure a hangover. Often sold from the humblest of carts, the best street food purveyors will have a line of hungry diners waiting. If you also see a cook of advancing years at the wok, you know youre on to a good thing. Join that queue.

Where to try it: Raohe Street Night Market, Taipei.

Making up 15-20% of Taiwans population, the Hakka people are a Han Chinese subgroup with their own language, customs, and food. Heavy on the pork, tofu, and soy sauce, Hakka dishes are salty and strong-flavored without being spicy. Historically, the Hakka were farmers used to long days in the fields, so their food needed to be suitably hearty. The rural district of Meinong in Kaohsiung is overwhelmingly Hakka and a great place to try specialties like stuffed tofu, bantiao (glutinous rice noodles), braised pork hock, and the rich delight that is lei cha (ground tea).

Where to try it: Meinong Traditional Hakka Restaurant, Meinong.

Weng yao ji (earthen kiln chicken) is the ultimate Taiwan road trip feast. Marinated mountain chickens are roasted whole in wood-fired urns that resemble giant tandoors, resulting in the perfect symphony of juicy, flavourful meat and crisp, golden skin. The go-to purveyor is Thumbs Up Chicken (spot the yellow fiberglass mascot outside), a raucous family restaurant chain with branches orbiting Taipei, where hundreds of birds are roasted daily, torn apart by gloved diners and gobbled up alongside mouth-watering stir-fries and icy bottles of Taiwan Beer.

Where to try it: Thumbs Up Chicken, Yilan.

One of the more fusion of Taiwans snacks, this burrito-like street food is assembled while you wait, a crepe folded around three scoops of fruit ice cream, shards of peanut candy, and sprigs of cilantro that cut through the sweetness with a floral zing. Called run bing (), the dish is a playful dessert riff on a savory spring roll of the same name originating from Fujian on the mainland and traditionally filled with shredded turnip, sausage, peanuts, and cilantro.

Where to try it: Ruifeng Night Market, Kaohsiung.

Buddhist roots run deep, so most towns will have a few vegetarian and vegan eateries serving healthy Taiwanese food or utilizing mock meat made of tofu or gluten to mimic well-known meat or fish dishes. Buddhist vegetarian restaurants are easy to find. Just look for the large savastika (an ancient Buddhist symbol that looks like a reverse swastika) hanging in front of the restaurant.

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