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Posted: July 26, 2021 at 1:46 am

Healthy weight loss is dependent on a number of factors from the amount of calories youre consuming each day to the quality of the nutrients youre putting into your body. One factor that has a major impact on your ability to lose weight is your metabolism. A fast metabolism will allow your body to burn through fat efficiently, torching more calories at rest so that you can continue to eat plenty of food while still maintaining a deficit. Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism, but certain foods are also effective at streamlining your body for effective fat burn.

Tea, as with other forms of caffeine, is a healthy and delicious addition to your diet that can serve a number of functions. Not only is it wonderful for calming the nerves, setting the tone for bedtime, or soothing an upset stomach, but it can also have a significant impact on weight loss depending on the type of tea you choose. As you strive to speed up your metabolism for quick and healthy weight loss, theres one tea that experts suggest including in your daily diet to help expedite your success.

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Loaded with caffeine for a boost of energy, green tea is the best beverage to drink regularly for a natural metabolism boost as well, leading to increased fat burn throughout the day. Containing a particular catechin, or plant compound, called EGCG, green tea has been known to increase fat loss in the body when consumed regularly--particularly belly fat. It contains thermogenic properties that heat up your metabolism to help you burn more calories throughout the day, notes nutritionist Heather Hanks. In order to maximize the fat burning effect, Hanks suggests pairing your green tea with lemon to enhance the absorption of the tea's polyphenol content, which is likely responsible for the tea's metabolism-boosting effects.

Caffeine has also been shown to offer a metabolism boost to the body, and green tea is packed with up to 35 mg in an 8 oz cup. The caffeine content [of green tea] also gives it a synergistic effect by raising the internal temperature and ultimately the amount of calories burned, even at rest, explains nutritionist Lisa Richards. This can be great for promoting healthy weight loss as when you have a faster metabolism you are able to consume more calories while still achieving your goals. This can make it easier to avoid depriving yourself of your favorite foods, and so long as you continue to eat in moderation, green tea can help you enjoy a well-rounded diet without major limitations.


There are a number of variations of green tea, but matcha and sencha are two of the most popular and mainstream forms. Sencha is the most common type of green tea and most often used as hot or cold beverages. Matcha green tea is growing in popularity and is made from Tencha and stone ground, explains Richards. Matcha is commonly enjoyed in Japanese culture but has begun to grow in popularity around the world, making for another variation of green tea which can also be served hot and cold. Not only does it have weight loss and metabolism boosting benefits, but matcha and sencha have also been shown to improve brain function and even bolster the strength of your heart.

Starting your morning off with a cup of green tea instead of your usual coffee may help to streamline healthy weight loss and naturally enhance your metabolism in order to increase fat burn in the body. Offering just as much caffeine and energy as your cup of joe would, green tea can provide overall support to your body to not only improve your chances of weight loss, but also allow you to function better in all aspects of your health. Drink it hot or cold depending on your preference (or the season) and watch the weight fall off as you combine your morning green tea with a balanced and nutrient dense diet as well.

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Dietitians Agree: This Is Actually The Best Metabolism-Boosting Tea For Weight Loss (Its Not Black Tea!) - SheFinds

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