How Much Green Tea Should be Consumed in a Day? Read on to Find Out –

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 1:53 am

Green tea is known for its exquisite and eloquent health benefits. It is the most widely consumed beverage across the world. Green tea is loaded with antioxidant content. It has garnered a lot of praise and appreciation.Also Read - Should Children Drink Green Tea? Here's What We Know

Derived from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, green tea has numerous health benefits. The question of much green tea should be consumed in a day still remains the same. Also Read - Should You Take Green Tea at Night or Right Before Hitting Bed? Here's What we Know

Different studies have shown different evidence of the right amount of green tea that should be consumed every day. Studies have shown that people who drink just one cup and people who drink five cups have different health benefits. Also Read - Can Green Tea Cure Covid-19? Heres What the Study Says

Here are the benefits of green tea consumption:

Green tea helps in boosting metabolism. The mixture of catechins and caffeine helps in metabolism and increase fat oxidation.

Green tea is stacked with anti-inflammatory components. Anti-inflammatory is linked with diabetes and hypertension.

Green tea is known for the elements that help in reducing heart diseases, strokes and some other forms of cancer. As per a large scale 11-year Japanese Study, people who drink five or more cups have a 16% lower risk of cardiovascular death and 26% lower risk of dying from any cause as compared to people who do not drink green tea or less than one cup every day.

Studies vary on the precise amount of green tea consumption per day. Studies say three to six cups a day can be beneficial.

However, green tea has caffeine content. People with slow metabolism or who are sensitive towards it should keep their green tea consumption low. Not just this, caffeine found in green tea can also lead to a reduction in iron absorption. Even people who are prone to anxiety or insomnia should not consume a high amount of green tea.

Consistency is the key. Drinking green tea, at least one cup each day can prove numerous health benefits. Do not feel pressurised to drink five or six cups of green tea in a day. Just a cup has numerous health benefits.

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How Much Green Tea Should be Consumed in a Day? Read on to Find Out -

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