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Posted: January 22, 2022 at 1:49 am

Green Tea has always been a royal tradition in Ancient China. It was the beverage of the Emperor, who insisted on giving this magical potion to his people.

In modern times, the consumption of Green Tea has been a recent years innovation. Companies around the world deviated from the production of world-famous black Tea. Green Tea is the most unprocessed beverage you may find on the market.

Many people love it for its unique taste and aroma. However, scientists support that this superfood can help you in losing weight and keep a healthy balance. That is why it would be useful to have all the information about it and decide for yourself.

Renowned for its uncomparable health benefits, Green Tea is the highest consumed beverage in Eastern Asian countries. Attached to the Japanese culture, there are more than nine varieties to enjoy.

It is the direct product of the plant Camellia Sinensis, which originated in China. People used to cultivate these plants in large acreage around the country and harvest its leaves.

Englishmen who conquered China in the late 18th Century tried to produce a variation. The Black Tea evolved as a result of further processing and oxidization of the Green Tea leaves.

The famous Black Tea has the same amount of theophylline, which is the chemical analog of caffeine in tea beverages. Japanese people took the Camellia Sinensis plants to their country.

Then they identified that boiling the tea leaves with water offered a healthy beverage. It was the first time that Green Tea appeared in Japanese society, and people adopted the habit of drinking its extract.

From that point, Japanese people developed nine different varieties of Green Tea.

All of these teas have sound effects on your health. Each cup relieves you from the pressure of daily life and helps you adopt a healthy way of living.

Here is the list of the proven benefits for your health that Green Tea is proud to give you:

Green Tea contains theophylline and theobromine to its extract. They are substances having the same stimulant effects as caffeine. As you may find in Mayo Clinic Publications, Green Tea contains almost 28 mg of caffeine in a regular cup.

That is almost one-third of the quantity you take from a cup of coffee. So Green Tea is the natural alternative of coffee to keep you stimulated and alert when you need to stay up!

Many modern studies have shown that Green Tea can protect your body against cancer invasion and proliferation. One of the essential chemical compounds present in green tea extract is catechins. The EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is the primary substance giving you these anti-cancer effects.

According to this study, catechins managed to suppress the human breast and prostate cancers to mice that received them. That is why the consumption of rich in catechins Green Tea extract can provide you a shield against cancer.

Oxidative substances accumulate in your cells, which could be washed out when you drink Green Tea full of antioxidants.

As we know, Green Tea is the least processed organic food you may have. For that reason, you can have the right amount of Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, and C) and minerals (Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Iron) to strengthen your body health further.

Not to mention that you can also benefit from the presence of polyphenols. They are at high levels and help your body fight against any disease.

When drinking Green Tea regularly, you have a lower heart disease risk. That was the result of a Japanese study that compared two different test groups of the adult Japanese population.

The one that consumed Green Tea had a 31% lower risk of developing dangerous heart disease. It seems like the polyphenols in teas extract can lower the risk of acute heart failure and lower the blood lipid level that leads to vessel clots.

There are many studies to support that Green Tea extract can help you lose weight. The polyphenols, catechins, and especially EGCG can increase your metabolism levels.

Furthermore, since 99% of Green Tea is water, you help your stomach feel full when you drink it all the time. As you can see in Cochranes Meta-Analysis, Green Tea may help overweight and obese adults to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet.

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Your bloodstream contains both HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins, the good ones) and LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins, the bad ones) to bring nutrients to cells. They serve as the fuel of your body; however, the LDL cholesterol relates to cardiovascular disease.

Catechins and EGCG participate in an unknown mechanism, which makes it easier to balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol. In other words, it can save your life since it defends the health of your heart.

Antioxidants that participate in the substance of Green Tea are responsible for protecting the nerve cells in your brain. Not to mention L-Theanine that is in surplus in Green Tea, is one of the founding amino-acids that can help you improve your memory and mental clarity.

However, if you are looking for a rich L-Theanine source and are not fond of drinking teas, you may try the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement that can take away the brain fog and give you a healthy mind.

Besides the fact that caffeine is present in Green Tea, there is also L-Theanine, which can make GABA neuromodulator overproduce. GABA is the relaxing chemical molecule of your brain, and Green Tea can make it work so that you can remove anxiety and stress.

Studies have shown that drinking teas can also make you fall asleep easier, provided you respect the right dosage each time.

According to recently published studies, polyphenols that exist in Green Tea can make it a possible cure against Parkinsons Disease. The latter is a disease affecting the motor neurons and delicate movement adjustment.

Since today, there is no drug to cure the disease, which affects the motor neurons function in the cerebral cortex.

The antioxidants in teas generally help your body to anticipate any adverse neuronal reaction and give you high health levels.

Your mouth, teeth, and gum areas are full of germs and bacteria. Some of them are responsible for gingivitis and other oral infections. Teas contain molecules that have antibiotic and antifungal properties. For that reason, drink Green Tea can give you the chance to have enhanced oral health.

Additionally, people who suffer from bad breath due to the activity of bacteria in their mouth can improve it when drinking Green Tea regularly.

There may not be enough evidence to prove it, but it seems that women who drink a lot of green Tea suffer from fewer fractures in the perimenopausal period. Matcha, which is a popular type of Japanese green tea leaves, contains less caffeine and reduces the risk of losing bone mass as you grow older.

Polyphenols are for one more time responsible for this beneficial action. Women who drink Green Tea regularly find it easy to participate in sports activities without bone injuries.

One of the most dangerous skin infections is the one provided by Staphylococcus Aureus that is resistant to methicillin (MRSA). It may need intravenous antibiotics to get better and can be potentially fatal for your health.

People who drink green or black teas seem to cope up better with MRSA infections. Early studies have shown that correlation already exists, especially for people hospitalized and who catch the disease from there.

Green Tea is full of organic polyphenols and EGCG that directly induce your liver to produce less glucose. In this way, you can always have protein meals alongside green tea beverages to improve your energy levels.

There are no cravings for people who want to lose weight and have to stay away from carbs. Sugar usually promotes the secretion of insulin in your blood, which is why you always feel hungry. Green Tea can give you less hunger and better sugar balance.

Type 2 Diabetes has to do with the modern way of life and the so-called metabolic syndrome. People with obesity problems can significantly help themselves when drinking Green Tea.

It uses its natural taste to make you full and absorb all the useful nutrients in your blood. The risk for type 2 diabetes is minor for people who drink Green Tea regularly since they keep their stomach busy with water and dissolved teas extract and leaves.

Polyphenols and other antioxidant compounds present both in Green, and Black teas can defend your immune system. Some scientists correlate that with the existence of Vitamin C in matcha and different green tea varieties.

When drinking Green Tea regularly, you can see your skin getting hydrated and wrinkles to fade away. Organic tea products have proved to change your view once and for all. These products can effectively reduce the action of free radicals on your skin.

According to a recently published article, there is strong evidence that teas, including the ones containing the matcha variety, can reduce the photoaging of your skin. Teas also have catechins and EGCG that both contribute to the beautification of your skin.

Teas naturally have zero carbs inside. That means it will not add a single sugar molecule to your blood circulation regardless of the quantity you drink. One of the most flavorful green tea variety is matcha.

You can add some matcha powder to your smoothies and make sure you get used to the dull tea taste. Tea drinkers learn how to avoid sugars and improve their health, adding more water to their daily intake.

Caffeine is one of the ingredients in green teas extract. That is why Green and Black Tea can act as stimulants of your brain to start working more efficiently and for prolonged hours.

Japanese who work around the clock find it refreshing to have tea in the afternoon to relieve themselves from daily pressure. Keeping the water intake high helps them avoid heart disease risk and lose weight easier.

Drinking Green Tea gives you lost of catechins (like EGCG) and polyphenols. They are the antioxidant molecules that can interfere with any inflammatory process in your body.

The inflammation decrease can make you look younger since it has a significant effect on your skin. Getting you hydrated can be the best solution for a healthy body without any disease risk.

Many studies have proved that Green Tea is rich in fluoride, which is one of the essential elements to keep your teeth healthy. The number of bacteria that build up on your mouth can severely reduce if fluoride levels increase.

So if you need the perfect smile having gingivitis-free teeth, you have to place green Tea on your daily schedule.

A recently published study has shown that people who drink Green Tea regularly are the ones to have fewer chances to develop uric acid stones. It is an excellent development for patients suffering from gout, a disease that induces uric acid stones to accumulate in bone junctions.

Green Tea can participate in many foods and beverages preparations like:

If you are a keto-diet lover, then you can use almond flour enriched with matcha and sweeteners. The dough should let to rest for an hour and then go back directly to the oven in small containers. The result is a delicious muffin that has a matcha tea taste.

You may use regular flour and yeast, adding some Japanese matcha powder in the dough. Just bake the mixture in a frying pan from both sides, and you are ready to serve it with maple syrup.

It is an excellent breakfast for people suffering from diabetes and heart disease. Matcha powder has enough catechins and polyphenols to strengthen their body.

It is a quite popular beverage for vegan people. You only need to combine the almond milk with natural sweeteners and Japanese matcha powder. Then you can blend it with ice and smash some berries inside to create a healthy beverage that has enough caffeine to keep you up all day long!

There are several steps for Japanese Green Tea to become ready for consumption:

The cultivation in Japanese farms needs a lot of water and many acres of land. The harvesting starts from April or May and can go on till late September. Farmers are gathering the tea leaves carefully and place them in big bags to send them to the factories for further processing.

The leaves should get dried to ensure that fermentation from enzymes doesnt happen. Japanese are using steam to dry each leave separately for 30 to 90 seconds.

After drying the tea leaves, a machine rolls them and places them into unique pots or sachets. Tea leaves can be shredded and ground into small granules to take the final form for people who drink their hot beverage using small dipping bags.

Drinking three to five cups of Green Tea per day can provide you with 180 mg of catechins and at least 60 mg of L-Theanine. You can also have the caffeine levels you need to keep you up all day.

Remember that if you go over the five cups of Green Tea per day, you will have stomach issues. EGCG is the most popular of the catechins molecule, but it can result in liver damage if you take too much without eating first.

In case of overdose, then you need to stop taking green Tea immediately. Overdose can give you the following symptoms:

Always ask your doctor before you start consuming bigger than usual portions of green Tea. Black Tea can also have the same overdose effects, to be ready to anticipate a similar type of symptoms when drinking a Japanese or any other teas cup.

The regular use of green tea extract can give you all the antioxidant products you need to have a healthy body. However, some people experience side effects of drinking green Tea:

Green Tea can cause an allergic reaction to oversensitive people. These reactions include hives, breathing difficulty, swelling of their face, lips, tongue, or throat. You need to receive emergency medical attention in case you have some of these symptoms.

Matcha powder is a common ingredient to some reconstructive skin creams and ointments. Some people that are oversensitive to catechins and polyphenols may have a skin allergic reaction that may need cortisone injections to stop. Always talk to your dermatologist to find the best cure for skin rashes provoked by Green Tea creams.

They are the common side effects of Green Tea and any other type of teas like the Black one. EGCG and catechins can reduce the mobility of your intestine and worsen your pre-existing constipation problems.

In case you feel like vomiting or have a stomach upset, you need to stop drinking Green Tea immediately and ask for medical help.

Green Tea, in rare cases, can cause unusual bleeding that cannot stop. It may happen because of the EGCG levels in your blood. This molecule can further reduce the coagulant platelet levels and put extra pressure on your stop-bleeding mechanisms.

It is a rare condition that needs emergency medical treatment.

Catechins (especially EGCG) that are present in Green Tea can cause liver problems. The increase of liver enzyme levels can signal an alert for your liver function. That is why you need to gradually increase green tea cup consumption to check your body signals and tolerance.

You can buy Green Tea from any grocery store. Retailers like Walmart and Lion are always offering a great variety of green and black teas. You can also order Green Tea from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

The prices vary from $9.95 per 25 tea bags and can come up to $20.50 for 25 tea bags of the famous Japanese Green Tea.

Furthermore, the Matcha Green Tea powder usually costs around $9.95 per ounce. Remember that you need some grams to add to food and beverages so that you can have the best green tea flavor you always wished for.

Many studies provide evidence for the beneficial effects and benefits of Green Tea to your health.

An article published in the Austin Journal of Clinical Medicine proves that catechins in Green Tea can improve thermogenesis in fat cells. That could be the key to lose weight for people that are obese.

Regular intake of Green Tea could potentially help obese people to lose weight since they keep their stomach full of water and consume less sugar throughout the day.

Another article published in Clinical Study correlates the consumption of Green Tea with the ease of diabetes symptoms. A cup of Green Tea contains the right amount of catechins and antioxidants to help reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin secretion from the pancreas.

It may seem weird, but some people drink Green Tea in temperatures over 90 degrees Celsius. Make sure you drink Green Tea warmed in lower temperatures so that you keep all nutrients active, and you dont face the danger of internal burns in your mouth and esophagus that may lead to cancer creation over time.

Furthermore, it could be a good idea to prepare your Tea using pure fountain water and not tap water. Fountain water has fewer salts inside and helps catechins and polyphenols to stay active for a more significant time in your hot cup of Tea.

Finally, some of the drugs and substances you should avoid taking with Green Tea are:

Green Tea is the best beverage to have to avoid diabetes and lower your heart disease risk. You may also lose weight more manageable, especially when you are obese and have lots of pounds to lose.

Green Tea can also improve your skin appearance and have hydrating effects on your body. It helps you fight against chronic inflammation and keeps the water balance to the positive side.

You should not drink Green Tea only if you have a known allergy to one or many of its components. The majority of people are eligible for drinking Green Tea in regular daily portions.

If you drink Green Tea daily, you are going to improve your cognitive functions, lose more weight, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. You are also going to have a better sugar balance and look more youthful than ever before.

For most people, the best time to drink Green Tea is late in the afternoon. That happens because the caffeine it contains can keep you up for more time and improve your concentration.

Other people prefer to drink it early in the morning to regulate their blood sugar intake through the day and induce water absorption by your body.

Green Tea can significantly reduce belly fat if you combine its consumption with a healthy diet and some exercise. Catechins and polyphenols seem to contribute to thermogenic chemical procedures and reactions in fat cells.

That is why Green Tea can make you lose belly fat faster than any other common substance.

Green Tea can improve the hydration of your skin. It helps it retain more water in the deeper layers and dissolves the wrinkles of your facial skin.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea powder is also a powerful ingredient in many creams and ointments.

Studies have shown that it can take away all inflammatory reactions on your skin and contribute to your healthy skin appearance.

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Green Tea can help your libido in many ways. First, it has catechins like EGCG that help you relieve your stress and focus on sexual intercourse.

Moreover, Green Tea contains caffeine that is a natural libido booster molecule. People who drink Green Tea regularly can restore their healthy sexual life and find their natural sexual allure.

Three to six cups of Green Tea consumed daily is the right portion to make you lose weight. It would be better to combine tea consumption with exercise and a healthy diet to see the weight loss effects coming sooner than expected.

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