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Posted: July 26, 2021 at 1:48 am

Throughout human history, stoicism, or the endurance of pain or discomfort without complaint, was a trait people admired. That forbearance was the mortar of civilization, helping to build nations, and sustaining societies in times of distress.

For men, that fortitude meant shouldering the burden of supporting a family and going to work no matter how sick you were. Over time, weve come to understand that even though that intention might have been admirable, it might have been ill-advised. A healthier father or husband is better for the family than an incapacitated one.

Given the surge in information about our health, healthful food options, and the advances in medicine, there is no reason in todays world why men should not avail themselves of these choices.

Even so, whether they see it as a cultural stigma, a sign of weakness, or a reminder of their own mortality, men remain reluctant to seek information and help pertaining to their health many even refuse tests that could prevent a condition from becoming serious.

That should not be the case, according to Dr. R. Robert Dhir, board-certified urological surgeon in Houston and Clear Lake, Texas, A man should always know when to seek help, said Dhir. Doctors have so many resources to diagnose and treat numerous conditions. Delaying this process can be detrimental to longevity. If you have a suspicion that something might be wrong, take action and be proactive with your health. Be aware that mens symptoms can be different than womens. These are 20 health problems that afflict more men than women.

Men are becoming more aware of the importance of health, and in fact, there are magazines and periodicals devoted to the subject. 24/7 Tempo is doing its part by compiling a list of 50 health tips every man should know.

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50 Health Tips Every Man Should Know - 24/7 Wall St.

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