Should You Take Green Tea at Night or Right Before Hitting Bed? Here’s What we Know –

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 1:52 am

Green tea is stacked with nutritious and healthy benefits. People prefer drinking green tea even at night these days. The components present in it displays all the health benefits of drinking green tea at night. However, it may not be handy for everyone.Also Read - Should Children Drink Green Tea? Here's What We Know spoke to Kavita Devgan, a renowned nutritionist, speaker and author about the benefits of drinking green tea before sleeping. Kavita said, Green tea has the least amount of caffeine as compared to all the other beverages combined together like coffee and tea. Regular tea has more caffeine and coffee has even more. Since green tea has less caffeine, it will not hamper your sleep. For some people, green tea helps in sleeping better. Also Read - How Much Green Tea Should be Consumed in a Day? Read on to Find Out

Derived from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, green tea is stacked with health and plant components. They are: Also Read - Can Green Tea Cure Covid-19? Heres What the Study Says

Green tea is a staunch supporter of sleep quality and quantity. Theanine helps in inducing sleep by green tea. Along with this, it helps in reducing stress and allowing your brain to relax.

According to Healthline, research states that drinking 3-4 cups of low caffeinate green tea can reduce fatigue and stress. Along with this, it also helps in improving sleep quality.

The question of drinking green tea before sleeping remains the same. There is no such research done to prove that green tea should be consumed only at night.

However, a few people avoid drinking green tea at night. The caffeine content in it can give rise to alertness, arousal and reducing the feeling of tiredness. This can lead to difficulty in falling asleep.

Along with this, drinking fluid before sleeping can increase your need to pee at night. The toilet break can interrupt your sleep and can make you feel tired the next day.

In the end, green tea provides a variety of health benefits. It also provides good quality of sleep.

Yet, drinking green tea two hours before bedtime can make it seem harder to sleep. Frequent washroom trips can also affect the quality of sleep.

Hence, you can schedule your green tea sessions during daytime and evening hours. By doing this, you can reap maximum green tea benefits without hampering your sleeping schedule.

Should You Take Green Tea at Night or Right Before Hitting Bed? Here's What we Know -

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