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Posted: April 20, 2022 at 1:42 am

Refreshing brews are the antidote to blistering summers. Whether you enjoy your iced tea in a go-to bottle or like large pitchers on your dining table, these brands in India have tea-riffic blends in store.

As temperatures soar, there are a few essentials to stock up on: a trustysunscreen, suave sunglasses, and some refreshing, chilled iced tea. And theres a certain nostalgia associated with stirring a large pitcher of ice-cold water with a blend of tea and fruity ingredients, before devouring several glasses of the same. This form of brew not only beats the heat but is often packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Not to mention, it keeps you hydrated.

In India, several brands offer iced tea in the form of bottled beverages, tea bags, and ready-to-stir mixes. Each comes with its uniqueflavours, brew strength, and nutritional profile. Some are perfect for taking with you on the go, and others fit right into the menu of a summer brunch party. Heres a round-up of a few ice-cold beverages that were sipping to stay energised.

Known for its premium non-alcoholic beverages, Jade Forest now has a refreshing and fun repertoire of iced teas. These ready-to-drink beverages have the sign of approval from leading flavour specialists in Denmark, and each bottle is packed with real fruit juice and antioxidants. Options include berry blush, a blend of green tea, herbs, and six different berries; floral rush, a vibrant marriage of hibiscus and raspberries; and citrus rush, an energising blend of lime, lemongrass, mint, and black tea. The best part? Theyre all low in sugar and calories. Quenching thirst has never been this healthy.

Price: Rs 85 for a 250 millilitres bottle

Brewhouse promises the finest quality, organic leaves in every sip of their bottled iced tea. The company works with local farms and hand-picks and hand-rolls each leaf. The payoff is a refreshing beverage that has just the right amount of sweetness from organic cane sugar and has no empty calories or harmful additives. You could choose from flavours like classic peach, organic forest berry, classic lemon, and apple cinnamon. The brand is open to customisation, so be sure to drop them a note while ordering. And if youre in Delhi, you could even sign up for a weekly delivery of their iced teas!

Price: Rs 80 for a 350 millilitres bottle

This company offers green tea-based iced beverages that are low in calories and sans any artificial colours or other harmful additives. Each sip traces back to meticulously picked Nilgiri green tea leaves. Their apple, honey, and cinnamon flavour boosts metabolism while their strawberry and amla number are anti-inflammatory. For an immune boost, sip their lemon and tulsi flavour or sign up for great cardiovascular health with their orange and ginger iced tea. A refreshing way to stay healthy!

Price: Rs 50 for a 300 millilitres bottle

This young brand is known to offer ready-to-eat snacks, beverages, and meals with healthy ingredients and a touch of a mothers love. Theyve now perfected the art of making nutritious servings of iced tea. Their chilled creation is brewed with premium black tea from the valleys of Assam, only has 28 calories per bottle, and has no added sugar. The bottles are recyclable and BPA-free as well. Flavours include classics like peach and lemon with mint. Their green apple and strawberry flavours are exciting as well.

Price: Rs 70 for a 270 millilitres bottle

This passionate company is known to spotlight all things chai, with multiple franchise stores across the country. They also promise only fresh, natural ingredients in every brew. Of late, the aisles of stores have been brimming with iced teas by the company, offering refreshing flavours sans artificial colours, preservatives, or harmful sweeteners. Theyre also packaged to boost energy on the go. Options include blackberry and raspberry, coconut and vanilla, green tea and pink grapefruit, honey and lemon, peach and apricot, and wildberry. There are also classic flavours like peach, lemon, and green tea.

Price: Rs 50 for a 500 millilitres bottle

This popular brand promises quality, whole-leaf tea in every cup and even made it to the coveted Oscars gift bag this year. Their brews are non-toxic, organic, and sourced from farms across the country. Naturally, their iced teas are premium and healthy as well. Sans additives and brimming with choicest ingredients, you get to pick between their premix and loose-leaf options. The former comes in flavours like hibiscus apple and lemon basil. The latter includes peach ginger and turmeric orange flavours. You could also opt for their fun passionfruit and tangy tamarind numbers. Grab their pitcher with the inbuilt infuser and youre sorted for the summer!

Price: Rs 490 for a 150 grams pack.

This artisanal tea brand aims to bring healthy brews, straight from single-estate plantations to your morning cup. Their aromatic and flavourful range of teas are vegan, cruelty-free, and sans any harmful additives and all the ingredients, including fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices are sourced from around the world. Their iced tea range is extensive, with options including green tea with mango and cumin, passionfruit with black tea, blue butterfly pea with lemongrass and kaffir lime, and rooibos with apple, hibiscus with strawberry, and black tea with pineapple and coconut. Steep a tea bag for five minutes before adding it to a cocktail shaker with ice cubes for the perfect brew.

Price: Rs 240 for a box of 20 tea bags.

This company is known for offering all-natural, select brews that complement every mood and personality. Their range of teas is crafted by experts and handpicked from the choicest estates. The same goes for their selection of iced teas in India, with options that include fruity and floral notes that are an instant mood lifter. You could choose from flavours like lychee freeze, which contains rose, hibiscus, rosehip, apple peel, and rose or try the mint brew which features green tea, lemongrass and marigold. They also have blends with peach, wildberry, and lemon. Steep your tea bag in water and ice for as long as youd like for the perfect cup.

Price: Rs 200 for a box of 18 tea bags (approximately)

A common sight across bars around the globe, this brand offers concentrated syrups that work well in all kinds of beverages, including teas and cocktails. Their passion for flavour has led to the finest ingredients being put to work with unique recipes, the payoff of which is as close to the real fruit, flower, or leaf as possible. This French brands range of iced teas includes peach and lemon syrups that blend fruit with tea, naturally filtered water from the French Alps, and fruit. Theyre versatile enough to also be used in cocktails or mocktails should you wish to switch things up.

Price: Rs 600 for a 700 millilitres bottle

This globally recognised company offers organic teas that come from the choicest farms. Their butterfly pea flower tea is sundried on organic bamboo mats to retain nutrition and claims to boost memory. The natural, vibrant blue shade also looks stunning when brewed, making for the ideal addition to a fun summer picnic or backyard party. Since it doesnt have a flavour of its own, you could also experiment with sweeteners, fruits, and other flavours. Best part? Its loaded with antioxidants.

Price: Rs 426 for a 500 grams pack (approximately)

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