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Best protein bars 2022: Boost your energy on-the-go –

Posted: May 16, 2022 at 1:43 am

With such a dizzying array of choices, finding the best protein bars can be an overwhelming task. Ideally, we would want a protein bar thats tasty, inexpensive and beneficial for our health. In reality, we often spend a lot of money and end up with a snack that falls short of our expectations. So which protein bars will satisfy our taste buds and keep our wallet happy? Which brands make products that are best aligned with our health and fitness goals? And what should we look for in a great protein snack? To answer all of your questions, we personally tried and tested an array of products to compile a list of the best protein bars that will tick all of your boxes.

But first, what is protein? Protein molecules are the building blocks of our bodies they are essential for growing and healing our tissues. Protein function is determined by the combination of amino acids in its structure. There are 26 different amino acids. Our bodies can produce most of them themselves, but nine amino acids can only be obtained from food, hence why they are dubbed as essential. If theyre missing from our diet, we may struggle to grow and maintain our muscles.

What the experts say

The benefits of protein bars are endless, but the most prominent is the convenience of them, says David Stache, a nutritionist at Warrior. You can get up to 20g of protein in one bar that can be thrown into your bag or kept in your pocket for when you are on the go.

Thats when protein supplements can come in handy. Theyre designed to top up your intake with the right type and amount of amino acids. Many come in powder form and can be a great addition to milks or desserts. Check our guide to the best protein powder or the best vegan protein powder if you want to avoid animal-based products, for our top picks of those on the market. If you're a fan of a smoothie or shake, you can also check out the best protein shaker.

However, powders and drinks may not always be practical and thats where the best protein bars can come in. Here are the best protein bars available on the market right now, covering a wide range of budgets, dietary requirements and fitness goals.

All of the protein bars in this guide have been tried and tested by the Live Science team. Firstly, we looked at the ingredients list and nutritional values, to judge who the bars would be suitable for in terms of health goals and dietary requirements, as well as any artificial ingredients or nasties. We then judged the taste and texture, including only those that passed out taste tests. We also looked at the size of the bar in terms of its value for money.

The best protein bars for vegans

Bar size: 45g

Calories : 200

Protein: 15g

Carbs : 20g

Sugars: <1g

Fat: 9g

RRP: $2.50-$3.50, depending on the retailer/$28 for a box of 12

Available flavors: 11, including birthday cake, dark chocolate raspberry, peanut butter & jam and white chocolate cookie butter

Low sugar content

Outstanding taste

Perfect for vegans and vegetarians

Relatively expensive

Bar on the smaller side

Not suitable for people allergic to soy

Misfits focuses on producing protein snacks, protein powders and dietary supplements that are 100% vegan and planet-friendly. The company has recently undergone a rebranding process, revealing new flavors (including mint choc chip) and new, more sustainable packaging.

Misfits protein bars come in 11 different flavors and boast a great nutritional value. A single serving contains nearly 5mg of iron (26% Daily Value) and 30mg of calcium (3% DV), as well as 12g of chicory root and beet fiber, both known for their great prebiotic properties. Taste wise, they are outstanding, and our favorite of all the protein bars in this guide. The chocolate brownie flavor in particular is deliciously rich, and so moreish we were tempted to tuck into another. The new mint choc chip flavor is also a must-try even members of our team who arent keen on mint chocolate were won over.

Misfits bars could be a great choice for those who want to lose weight too. Not only are they low in calories and sugar, they are enriched with green tea extract, which may promote fat burning and aid weight maintenance, according to one Cochrane review. Though relatively small in size, each protein bar provides a 15g dose of pea and soy protein. The only downside to Misfits bars is the relatively high price tag. Also, many may not like the fact that theyre sweetened with xylitol and stevia, which can give a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

The best budget protein bars

Bar size: 60g

Calories: 230

Protein: 20g

Carbs: 23g

Sugars: 1g

Fat: 8g

RRP: $7.99 for a box of 4/$24.99 for a box of 12

Available flavors: 18, including almond bliss, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie, white chocolate truffle, cookies & cream and pecan butter

Today's Best Deals

Gentle on stomach

Small number of ingredients

Only two available flavors

Stevia flavor rather overpowering

When you think of Hersheys, the first thing that will come to your mind are its highly popular sugary snacks, rather than fitness supplements. But you may be surprised to find out that this company also makes protein bars.

ONE protein bars come in an array of flavors, including rare gems like pumpkin pie, pecan butter and cinnamon rolls. Made with milk and whey protein isolate (which is easy on the stomach), they pack 20g of protein in a single bar, while keeping their sugar content very low. A single serving contains 3g of fiber and nearly 102mg of calcium (8% Daily Value). ONE protein bars are quite affordable and widely available in many stores across the country. The downside is the presence of artificial sweeteners: maltitol and sucralose.

Texture wise, ONE protein bars are very similar to Quest, in that the bar is one texture throughout, rather than having multiple different layers. However, they are coated (the birthday cake flavor even had sprinkles). They are surprisingly dense too. The flavors dont quite live up to expectations peanut butter was nutty enough, but lacked the wow factor of other brands. But for the price and accessibility, ONE bars are a good option if youre looking for a reliable, on-the-go snack that packs a protein punch.

The best protein bars for post-workout

Bar size: 60g

Calories: 200

Protein: 21g

Carbs: 21g

Sugars: 1g

Fat: 9g

RRP: $2 to $4 for a single bar (depending on retailer)/$29.98 for a box of 12

Available flavors: 16, including birthday cake, chocolate brownie, lemon cake, blueberry muffin and peanut butter brownie smash

High in fiber

Multiple flavors to choose from

Good bar size

Contain artificial sweeteners

Relatively expensive

One texture throughout

Quest Nutritions dizzying array of protein-enriched foods, from cookies to chips, are widely available in many stores across the country. The brand prides itself on catering to all needs and preferences and their protein bars are no different. They come in 16 flavors, including rare gems like lemon cake, blueberry muffin and chocolate sprinkled doughnut. All of their products are also free of gluten and artificial preservatives. Theyre vegetarian, but not vegan.

Nutrition-wise, Quest bars are great all-rounders. A single serving contains less than 1g of sugar and packs nearly 21g of whey protein as well as 14g of fiber, making it suitable for both bodybuilding and weight loss purposes. On top of that, one Quest bar delivers nearly 120mg of calcium, which neatly covers almost 10% of your recommended Daily Value. However, to balance out the low sugar content, these protein bars are sweetened with several different sweeteners, such as stevia, erythritol and sucralose. Though safe to ingest, they may have laxative effects if eaten in excess.

Texture wise, Quest bars are on the denser side. If youre at home, you may like to heat the bar up in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it.They are one texture throughout, so if you want more of a chocolate-bar style snack with layers of caramel or ganache, this might not be for you. Having said this, their density makes them a great snack to keep in your bag, because you dont have to worry about them getting squashed. Flavor wise, theyre really good sweet without being too sickly. We liked the chunks of chocolate in the cookie dough flavor too. The bars are a good size, and left us feeling satisfied but not bloated.

The best natural protein bars

Bar size: 52g

Calories: 210

Protein: 12g

Carbs: 24g

Sugars: 15g

Fat: 7g

RRP: $2.49 for a single bar/$6.89 for a box of 4/$25.99 for a box of 12

Available flavors: 12, including chocolate sea salt, blueberry, vanilla almond, peanut butter, mixed berry and banana chocolate walnut

Short ingredient list

No artificial additives, preservatives or sweeteners

Free from gluten and GMOs

Low protein content

High in natural sugar

Very chewy

RXBARs mission statement is to make high quality products that only contain ingredients derived from real foods. All of their products are free from artificial additives, preservatives and sweeteners, easily making them the cleanest protein bars on our list.

RXBAR protein bars come in 12 different flavors, including all-time classics like chocolate sea salt and peanut butter. For this review, we picked the blueberry flavor. Although made with just five main ingredients dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews and blueberries its a surprisingly filling and satisfying snack. Texture wise, we found it surprisingly chewy (note: dont take a big bite, as this did get stuck to the roof of our mouths). We liked that the bar contained slices of nuts, rather than blending them all into the mixture. The dates sweeten the bar just the right amount too, with no synthetic taste that some protein bars can have.

Though marketed as a protein snack, a single RXBAR bar provides only 12g of protein. Due to the lack of sweeteners, its also very high in natural sugars. As a result, it may not be the most suitable option for those who want to lose weight. But with nearly 60mg of calcium (4% Daily Value), 460mg of potassium (10% Daily Value) and less than 1g of saturated fat per serving, its still a much healthier option than your regular snack bar.

The best protein bars for hiking

Bar size: 68g

Calories: 260

Protein: 11g

Carbs: 40g

Sugars: 17g

Fat: 8g

RRP: $1.55 for a single bar, $16.99 for a box of 12

Available flavors: 17, including coconut chocolate chip, blueberry crisp, vanilla almond latte, mint chocolate and chocolate brownie

Today's Best Deals

Organic ingredients and natural sweeteners

High in prebiotic fiber

Good bar size

High in sugar and calories

Low protein content

The company behind Clif bars made sustainability one of its primary objectives and it shows. From a nutritional standpoint, theres loads to praise these protein bars for. Theyre free of GMOs, artificial sweeteners and unnecessary additives. Clif bars are made mostly with organic rolled oats, peanut butter and soy rice crisps, and theyre sweetened with a range of natural sugar syrups, including brown rice, tapioca and cane syrup. A single serving contains a whooping 2mg of iron (10% Daily Value) and nearly 5g of chicory fiber, which is a great prebiotic that benefits your good gut bacteria.

Though Clif bar ingredients are of amazing quality, their macronutrient ratio may not be to everyones liking. Packing nearly 260 calories and 17g of sugar per bar, they may not be the best option for people whose primary goal is weight loss. Whats more, Clif bars are relatively low in protein only 11g per serving and because of that its probably more suitable to describe them as energy bars rather than protein bars. This is why we think theyre a great option for those who enjoy a long hike, but dont necessarily want to pack a load of bulky food with them.

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Best protein bars 2022: Boost your energy on-the-go -

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At MJ Unpacked, the Big Apple Gets a Taste of the Cannabis Business – Green Entrepreneur

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If youre a cannabis brand or retail executive, the place to be this month is the MJ Unpacked showat the Hilton in New York City from May 18 to 20th.

While many other cannabis trade events, including the infamous MJBiz Con, are heavily populated by companies on the supply side of the business (equipment, software, services), MJ Unpacked is focusedexclusively on CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) or brands.

"We're at the onset of the golden age of the brand. We're going to really start seeing brands establish themselves and start controlling the relationship with the consumer," says George Jage co-founder, along with his wife Kim, of MJ Unpacked. "Every single attendee who comes into our show is a cannabis brand or retail executive with the title of manager or higher. We're bringing into the room a very exclusive group. Everybody's a decision-maker."

The Jages are in familiar territory. George has nearly three decades of experience as an event producer and media executive. He entered the cannabis industry in 2014 as President of MJBizDaily and was the lead architect of MJBizCon from 2014 through 2017, going on to serve as CEO of Dope Media.

Kim is a brand developer and marketing executive. She wasa partner and VP at World Tea Media, and director of sales & marketing at F+W Media.

On this week's episode of the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, the couple unpacks what to expect at MJ Unpacked, why they chose New York as the spot to drop their second-ever show, their predictions for the industry, and how they manage to stay married and work together.

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At MJ Unpacked, the Big Apple Gets a Taste of the Cannabis Business - Green Entrepreneur

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Ready to Drink Market Size to Grow by 192.10 Billion Liters | Growth, trends, and Forecasts (2022 – 2026) – PR Newswire

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Download our Sample Reportfor more insights on Market Share, Size, Y-O-Y Growth Rate, and CAGR

Vendor Insights

The report analyzes the market's competitive landscape and offers information on several market vendors, including:

The ready-to-drink market is fragmented and the vendors are deployingorganic and inorganic growth strategiesto compete in the market.

Download Sample Reportto find additional highlights on the growth strategies adopted by vendors and their product offerings

Geographical Market Analysis

38%of the market's growth will originate from APAC during the forecast period. Chinaand Japan are the key markets forready-to-drinkin APAC. Market growth in this region will be fasterthan the growth of the market in other regions.

Download Our Sample Reportto know more about this market's geographical distribution along with the detailed analysis of the top regions

Key Segment Analysis

The ready-to-drink market share growth by the non-alcoholic drinksegment will be significant during the forecast period.Functional RTD beverages are formulated with special ingredients to provide improved digestion; boost immunity, energy, and stamina; promote health functions (for example, the health of the heart, bones, and joints); and provide a feeling of satiation.The beverages also serve the needs of consumers who seek convenience and health benefits while on the go.The growing demand for healthy RTD will boost the non-alcoholic RTD segment during the forecast period.

Download Sample:to know additional highlights and key points on various market segments and their impact in coming years

The Report also Covers the Following Areas:

Key Market Driver

One of the key factors driving growth in the ready-to-drink market is theincreasing focus on functional drinks.Changing lifestyles and the increasing number of nuclear families are driving the increased intake of junk food, which is negatively affecting people's health. Since the 20th century, industrialization and globalization have been the major factors behind the emergence of nuclear families that prefer consuming outside food and junk food. This, in turn, has contributed to several health issues, including obesity. Overweight consumers seek more effortless ways to lose extra calories, and RTD products such as RTD green tea and RTD diet drinks are perceived as one such consumer product. Caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in green tea help in boosting the metabolism rate.

Key Market Challenge

The threats from counterfeit products will be a major challenge for the ready-to-drink market during the forecast period.RTD does not require much of an investment in making the product. However, more prominent brands do spend a significant amount on marketing and advertisement. Owing to the low investment required, many small-scale enterprises imitate RTD products, with counterfeit labels as that of branded companies. These products are usually offered at lower prices or at the same price as that of the branded ones but are of low quality and taste to that of the legitimate brand. Such instances debase the brand image and result in a decrease in sales. As these small-scale enterprises do not follow proper cleaning processes and packaging, it may cause serious health concerns in people who are allergic to these things. Rising piracy is yet another reason affecting the sales and the brand image of legitimate sellers

Download samplefor highlights on market Drivers & Challenges affecting the Ready to Drink Market

Customize Your Report

Don't miss out on the opportunity to speak to our analyst and know more insights about this market report. Our analysts can also help you customize this report according to your needs. Our analysts and industry experts will work directly with you to understand your requirements and provide you with customized data in a short amount of time.

Speak to our Analyst now!to take full advantage of every opportunity using competitive analysis created just for you

Ready to Drink Market 2022-2026: Key Highlights

Related Reports:

Water Enhancer Market by Type and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025: The water enhancer market share is expected to increase by USD1.68 billion from 2020 to 2025,and the market's growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 10%.To get more exclusive research insights: Download Our Sample Report

Plant-based Water Market by Product Type and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2022-2026: The plant-based water market share is expected to increase by USD12.96 billion from 2021 to 2026,and the market's growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 25.05%.To get more exclusive research insights: Download Our Sample Report

Ready to Drink Market Scope

Report Coverage


Page number


Base year


Forecast period


Growth momentum & CAGR

Accelerate at a CAGR of 7.06%

Market growth 2022-2026

192.10 bn L

Market structure


YoY growth (%)


Regional analysis

North America, Europe, APAC, South America, and MEA

Performing market contribution

APAC at 38%

Key consumer countries

US, China, Japan, Germany, and UK

Competitive landscape

Leading companies, competitive strategies, consumer engagement scope

Companies profiled

Campbell Soup Co., General Mills Inc., Harvest Hill Beverage Co., Keurig Dr Pepper Inc., Nestle SA, PepsiCo Inc., Red Bull GmbH, Talking Rain Beverage Co., The Coca-ColaCo., and The Kraft Heinz Co.

Market Dynamics

Parent market analysis, Market growth inducers and obstacles, Fast-growing and slow-growing segment analysis, COVID 19 impact and future consumer dynamics, market condition analysis for forecast period,

Customization preview

If our report has not included the data that you are looking for, you can reach out to our analysts and get segments customized.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Market Overview

Exhibit 01: Key Finding 1

Exhibit 02: Key Finding 2

Exhibit 03: Key Finding 3

Exhibit 04: Key Finding 5

Exhibit 05: Key Finding 6

Exhibit 06: Key Finding 7

Exhibit 07: Key Finding 8

2. Market Landscape

2.1 Market ecosystem

Exhibit 08: Parent market

Exhibit 09: Market Characteristics

2.2 Value chain analysis

Exhibit 10: Value chain analysis : Packaged Foods and Meats

2.2.1 Inputs

2.2.2 Inbound logistics

2.2.3 Primary processing

2.2.4 Secondary and tertiary processing

2.2.5 Outbound logistics

2.2.6 End-customers

2.2.7 Marketing and sales

2.2.8 Services

2.2.9 Innovations

3. Market Sizing

3.1 Market definition

Exhibit 11: Offerings of vendors included in the market definition

3.2 Market segment analysis

Exhibit 12: Market segments

3.3 Market size 2021

3.4 Market outlook: Forecast for 2021 - 2026

3.4.1 Estimating growth rates for emerging and high-growth markets

3.4.2 Estimating growth rates for mature markets

Global - Market size and forecast 2021 - 2026 (billion L)

Exhibit 14: Global market: Year-over-year growth 2021 - 2026 (%)

4. Five Forces Analysis

4.1 Five Forces Summary

Exhibit 15: Five forces analysis 2021 - 2026

4.2 Bargaining power of buyers

Exhibit 16: Bargaining power of buyers

4.3 Bargaining power of suppliers

Exhibit 17: Bargaining power of suppliers

4.4 Threat of new entrants

Exhibit 18: Threat of new entrants

Original post:
Ready to Drink Market Size to Grow by 192.10 Billion Liters | Growth, trends, and Forecasts (2022 - 2026) - PR Newswire

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Exipure Reviews Is This Exipure Regimen Really Worth Trying In 2022! – UrbanMatter

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Exipure Reviews: It is one of the best-selling weight loss products and despite being a new name, it has already made a family of thousands of customers. According to the official website, it uses premium quality ingredients that help transform metabolism. Some of them affect appetite control, and inflammatory relief, while others work on cholesterol, blood pressure, and immunity. It is a collective effort that leads to a natural weight loss.

>> Buy Exipure Supplement HERE Worldwide At The Lowest Price Ever

Consequently, there has been growing desperation for effective weight loss products suited to modern-day lifestyles. Many companies are responding to the demand by promising anything the customers wish to hear but a few credible companies are ethically producing dietary products that actually work, support weight loss, and burn regular body fat.

While most of the big brand supplements are either ineffective or inaccessible to the regular consumer who is trying to lose weight, more products are surfacing and are closer to the consumer, which is actually providing healthy weight loss support. Supplement companies have also risen in response to the lack of a suitable solution for the working class, who cannot have time to spare for the gym or dieting program but have stubborn weight gain.

Different supplement brands approach weight loss from different perspectives, with few of them targeting the root cause to deliver long-term weight loss results. Exipure is a highly acclaimed supplements brand that has earned a name as one of the most popular new weight loss supplements and is trusted by thousands of people to lose weight. This review breaks down the facts about this supplement to evaluate whether it delivers weight loss results as promised by the manufacturer. It will also reveal the shocking Exipure scam controversy that is harming consumers based on the fraudulent activities taking place online.

What is Exipure?

Exipure is one of the newest weight loss supplements that surprised many old brands, according to word on the market. According to our research, the brand claims to use a BAT level approach, which targets the root cause of uncontrolled weight gain according to the science backing the formula, promising better results for everyone trying to lose weight.

The formulators claim only to use natural ingredients to address the issue most conservatively. The ingredients include Holy Basil, Perilla, and Amur Cork Bark, among others. The supplements official site also features numerous customer reviews, which drew us to review the product and deliver an honest Exipure review.

Within a few months of its launch, Exipure has become a favorite, mainly because of its aide in weight loss. It works faster and more efficiently than other dietary supplements with minimal chances of long-term side effects. Users are expected to take it on a daily basis for a few weeks before expecting to see results.

Who created Exipure?

According to the information provided on its official site, the supplement was launched online in October 2021. British Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett are the minds behind the supplements formulation, having drawn knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, they used their knowledge to create a formula that breaks down the aging cells, keeps the body warm, and burns fat.

How does Exipure work?

According to research, people with excessive weight have been found to have fewer amounts of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT). Exipure supplement is designed to target stubborn belly fat and general body mass by increasing the brown adipose tissue levels, which tones the body and helps lose weight.

Numerous studies conducted by the research and editorial team have proven low Brown adipose tissue BAT levels to be linked to excessive weight gain due to a reduced body capacity to consume the calories. Exipure supplement works by increasing your BAT levels to reverse the condition. According to the brand, their Brown adipose tissue BAT boosting formula can help you burn calories 300 times faster than ordinary fats, which shows how it can support losing weight.

The ingredients mixture is designed to provide you with a continuous cycle of Brown adipose tissue BAT restoration so that your body is continuously burning calories for the best outcome. But besides boosting your brown adipose tissue BAT levels, the Exipure supplement also helps to improve other health factors such as metabolism rates, body temperature, and energy levels, which also reduce weight in alternate ways while promising healthy blood pressure.

To summarize, this weight formula is pretty amazing and when consumed with a healthy diet, it yields the most effective results. Not to forget, the proven weight loss studies back these benefits. So, isnt this one of the best and reliable weight loss programs? What about the alarming Exipure fraud controversy found online? Lets breakdown this Exipure review to discover everything consumers need to know first before becoming actual real life Exipure users.

>> Buy Exipure Supplement HERE Worldwide At The Lowest Price Ever

What is the Brown Adipose Tissue?

The Brown Adipose Tissue is a unique body fat type with higher calorie-burning ability than normal fat. Brown adipose tissue BAT is simply referred to as brown fat. This type of fat gets activated when body temperatures drop to help raise the bodys core temperature (it is different than white fat and other regular fat types).

Various scientific studies have shown that brown adipose tissue has a higher number of mitochondria than normal body fat. When the body gets cold, the mitochondria in the brown fat get activated to begin burning calories for heat generation.

Brown adipose tissue BAT also helps to consume fat in foods taken, which reduces further accumulation in body parts such as the belly. By restoring the system, Exipure helps to sustain the body in a gradual fat-burning process that ends in more substantial effects than most supplements in the market today. All in all, it does wonders for the body by regulating the brown adipose tissue levels and helps support healthy weight loss.

Exipure Ingredients

To achieve such effectiveness, this weight loss formula comprises several research-backed ingredients that are also popular among other weight loss supplements, including quercetin and ginseng. But the proprietary blend also comprises unique ingredients that further facilitate its BAT approach and regulation of Brown adipose tissue, which is not common in the supplements industry.

Here is a breakdown of each of the Exipure ingredients and some of the eight exotic nutrients of Exipure diet pills:

Perilla: Also known as Perilla Futescens, this natural herb has been used for years to cure various health conditions and is one of the eight exotic nutrients. The leaves and seeds of the plant have the most medicinal value. It is one of the most potent BAT suppliers in the formula and helps moderate cholesterol levels, which also helps achieve healthy blood pressure, regulate body temperature, and burn calories.

Amur Cork Bark: The Amur Cork Bark is a member of the Rutaceae tree family and is native to parts of Eastern Asia such as Korea, China, and Japan. It may be referred to using different names such as Huang Bai and the Chinese Cork tree in different regions.

Holy Basil: Unlike most ingredients on this list, the Holy Basil has medicinal value in all its parts. It also helps to boost BAT levels and has anti-infection effects that are also critical to the formula. According to research, holy basil has other health benefits such as moderating cholesterol levels, restoring joint health, moderating blood sugar levels, and minimizing stomach complications.

Oleuropein: Oleuropein is yet another BAT booster in the formula that also helps to restore cardiovascular health and fix the low brown fat levels. The component naturally exists in Olive oil. It has high antioxidant properties that counteract free radicals to prevent cellular damage and kill bad fat cells. Other studies have also linked it to anti-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory properties, which indirectly helps relieve unexplained weight gain.

White Korean Ginseng: Also known as Panax ginseng, white Korean ginseng has also been found to boost brown adipose tissues while helping to sustain a variety of other health factors, such as minimizing diabetic symptoms, promoting immunity, and counteracting oxidative stress. Some studies have proven that white Korean ginseng has erectile dysfunction restorative properties.

Quercetin: Quercetin is a flavonoid found in plants and foods like green tea, onions, apples, berries. The ingredient also helps to increase brown adipose tissues. Research has found it to have high antioxidant properties, which counteract cell destruction by free radicals while promoting cell regeneration and discouraging the growth of bad fat cells. It has also been used for years to regulate blood pressure and minimize aging symptoms.

>> Buy Exipure Supplement HERE Worldwide At The Lowest Price Ever

Exipure has an herbal formula made using ingredients from trusted resources. Remember it is the US-made products and prepared under the highest quality standards followed throughout the country. The final product is batch tested for safety and quality and finally, it is sealed. There is no risk of contamination or mishandling of the product from manufacturing to delivery and every customer has to remove the seal before using the supplement.

What are the benefits of taking Exipure Weight Loss Pills?

The company claims to observe high manufacturing standards to ensure the final formula of Exipure weight loss supplement is entirely safe for consumption. Here are some of the perks they have managed to achieve with the formulation:

So, for more information about the benefits of the Exipure weight loss formula, check out the details below;

The availability of BAT helps speed up the metabolism, which also improves the digestive system. As a result, bowel movements will be eased and regulated.

There are various antioxidants in the supplement which help detoxify the body and clear up oxidative stress, radicals, and eliminate the buildup of toxins that build up due to unhealthy eating habits.

How much weight can you lose by taking Exipure?

The company assures substantial results on the official website, even offering a refund policy to prove their trust in the Exipure pills and their ability to burn fat. However, this does not entirely

assure you that the formula will work for you or your body weight. Different individuals have different body aspects such as weight, age, and tolerance, which affect how they respond to drugs and supplements, which means there is no concrete answer to, how much weight will I lose in a month?

According to the numerous testimonials on the supplements official site, most customers experienced satisfying results for Exipure weight loss, but at different levels. Most lost between 20 lbs and 50 lbs, based on the period they took the formula. But keep in mind that even the best pharmaceutical drugs dont work the same on everybody, so taking sound medical advice from a professional might help.

>> Buy Exipure Supplement HERE Worldwide At The Lowest Price Ever

Are There Any Side Effects Of Exipure?

Since this supplement has gained immense popularity in the past few months, many people are contemplating if it is a promising choice or not. Even more, many people are worried about the side effects. That being said, we have curated this section to clear up the confusion about that. To begin with, Exipure was formulated to ensure users lose weight seamlessly.

In fact, various studies have been conducted on this weight loss supplement, and there havent been any complaints of negative side effects. While there are no particular side effects associated with this supplement, its important to understand that every supplement can lead to headaches, nausea, stomach issues, and other minor issues. Still, it is a well-received supplement and wont pose any side effects if its used according to the instructions and if you are healthy.

On the other hand, if you are taking some medication or have an underlying medical condition, you must consult with your doctor to ensure its safe for you and you enjoy healthy weight loss. This is because the doctor will be able to check the ingredients and see if you can consume those ingredients in the form of a supplement. To conclude, it is a safe option, and it doesnt have any stimulants, artificial ingredients, and other harmful ingredients. So, they dont pose side effects and pose no harm to your health but might improve healthy cholesterol.


Obesity is a global phenomenon and a fast growing risk factor from any serious health issues. It should not be neglected at any cost. Exipure is a perfect solution to your excess weight and accumulated weight issues. It shows excellent performance because it targets the main reason behind obesity. With the help of 100% plant based ingredients, Exipure maintains healthy levels of brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), thus accentuating the fat burning process and providing you with maximum energy levels. With Exipure, you are sure to transform your body and your life to be more healthy and active.

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Exipure Reviews Is This Exipure Regimen Really Worth Trying In 2022! - UrbanMatter

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New Latino-Owned Cannabis Brand Mesobis Is Focused on Representation – Thrillist

Posted: at 1:43 am

Figuring the right amount of chilies that wouldnt break down the gummy structures was tricky, and they ended up having to go from five architectural levels (true to the actual Pyramid of the Sun) to four to maintain the structural integrity through the cooking process. They considered other shapes across Latin Americans art and architecture, but the pyramid was the perfectly emblematic shape.

In the end, almost out of respect for our ancestors and the generations before us, there was no other answer than the pyramid shape, recalls Cervantes. In the beginning, when there were five cradles of civilization, Mesoamerica was one of thema concentrated group of cultures near the equator. Hence, the name Mesobis, which is a portmanteau of Mesoamerica (shortened to meso) and cannabis.

Im 100 percent Brazilian, but Im a mix of Brazilian, Italian, et cetera, adds Cury. When you look at our brand the first time, it may not read as a Latin brand. And thats okaythats a more accurate representation of modern Latin America than one single thing like Day of the Dead or Carnival. Yes, those are amazing things that were very proud of, but theres a lot more to the different cultures within the Latin American identity.

Cervantes and Cury have been thoughtful about representing the vast multicultural identities of Latin communities from the beginning. Indeed, it was the lack of representation that felt true to them that started them on this journey.

The two childhood friends reconnected after graduating from colleges in Southern California. Cervantes went to film school and started his own production company. Meanwhile Cury had landed in the venture capital world, running a cannabis fund for two and a half years. At first, they wanted to create content for cannabis brands, but it was only a matter of time before they figured they ought to just start their own brandthe brand that theyd been waiting to see.

We enjoyed cannabis, we loved branding it, but we felt like there was really nothing for us, says Cervantes. Wed seen a couple Latin-oriented brands launch in the US market, and we always felt like they were really on the nose. Very obvious about trying to be Latin. To be fair, so is Mesobis. It stands out in its artistic choices: the pyramid shape, the flavors, the name. But were also trying to do something a bit more niche and artistic in a sense, by calling on aesthetics from cultures across Latin America and the artist communities emerging in less-talked-about regions.

Wrapping up whole cultures in a weed gummy can be daunting. But Cervantes believes in the brand. We just hope that when those people try our products, they feel like its made for them.

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New Latino-Owned Cannabis Brand Mesobis Is Focused on Representation - Thrillist

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Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which Is Healthier?

Posted: May 3, 2022 at 1:44 am

Tea is beloved by people all over the world.

Both green and black tea are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant (1).

The key difference between the two is that black tea is oxidized and green tea is not.

To make black tea, the leaves are first rolled and then exposed to air to trigger the oxidation process. This reaction causes the leaves to turn dark brown and allows the flavors to heighten and intensify (1).

On the other hand, green tea is processed to prevent oxidation and thus much lighter in color than black tea.

This article explores the research behind green and black tea to determine which one is healthier.

While green and black tea differ, they may provide some of the same health benefits.

Both green and black tea are rich in a group of protective antioxidants called polyphenols.

Specifically, they contain flavonoids, a subgroup of polyphenols.

However, the type and amount of flavonoids they contain differ. For example, green tea contains a much higher amount of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), whereas black tea is a rich source of theaflavins (2).

The flavonoids in green and black tea are thought to protect your heart (2, 3).

One animal study found that green and black tea were equally effective at preventing blood vessel plaque formation by 26% at the lowest dose and up to 68% at the highest dose (4).

The study also found that both types of tea helped reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides (4).

Whats more, two reviews examining over 10 quality studies each found that drinking green and black tea can lower your blood pressure (5, 6).

Furthermore, another review of green tea studies found that people who drank 13 cups per day had a 19% and 36% reduced risk of heart attack and stroke respectively, compared with those who had less than 1 cup of green tea each day (7).

Similarly, drinking at least 3 cups of black tea could reduce your risk of heart disease by 11% (2).

Green and black tea both contain caffeine, a known stimulant.

Green tea contains less caffeine than black tea about 35 mg per 8-ounce (230-ml) cup, compared with 39109 mg for the same serving of black tea (2, 8, 9).

Caffeine stimulates your nervous system by blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. It also aids the release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin (10, 11).

As a result, caffeine can boost alertness, mood, vigilance, reaction time, and short-term recall (9).

Green and black teas also contain the amino acid L-theanine, which is not present in coffee.

L-theanine is thought to cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger the release of an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which brings about a relaxed but alert state (12, 13, 14).

At the same time, it promotes the release of the mood-enhancing hormones dopamine and serotonin (15).

L-theanine is thought to balance the effects of caffeine. The combination of these two substances may even be synergistic, as one study found that people who ingested L-theanine and caffeine together had better attention than when either was used alone (14, 16).

In general, there is slightly more L-theanine in green tea than black tea, though the amounts can vary considerably (14).

Both green and black tea are great alternatives to coffee for those who want a mood lift without coffees telltale restlessness.

Green and black tea contain polyphenols that have strong antioxidant effects, potentially reducing your risk of heart disease. Also, they both have caffeine to increase alertness and focus and L-theanine, which releases stress and calms your body.

Green tea is an excellent source of the potent antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

Though green tea contains other polyphenols, such as catechin and gallic acid, EGCG is considered to be the most powerful and likely responsible for many of green teas health benefits (17).

Heres a list of the possible benefits of the EGCG in green tea:

Though most of the research on the EGCG in green tea has been carried out in test-tube or animal studies, the findings lend credibility to the long-reported benefits of drinking green tea.

Green tea contains EGCG, an antioxidant that test-tube and animal studies have demonstrated can fight cancer and bacterial cells and protect your brain and liver.

Theaflavins are a group of polyphenols that are unique to black tea.

Theyre formed during the oxidation process and represent 36% of all polyphenols in black tea (30).

Theaflavins seem to offer many health benefits all related to their antioxidant ability.

These polyphenols can protect fat cells from damage by free radicals and may support your bodys natural antioxidant production (30, 31).

Whats more, they may protect your heart and blood vessels.

One animal study found that theaflavins can lower the risk of plaque formation in blood vessels by reducing inflammation and increasing the availability of nitric oxide, which helps your blood vessels dilate (32).

In addition, theaflavins have been shown to significantly reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels (30, 33).

They may even promote fat breakdown and have been recommended as a potential aid for obesity management (34).

In fact, the theaflavins in black tea may have the same antioxidant capacity as polyphenols in green tea (35).

Theaflavins are unique to black tea. Through their antioxidant effects, they may improve blood vessel function and support fat loss.

Green and black tea offer similar benefits.

While they differ in their polyphenol composition, they may bestow the same beneficial effects on blood vessel function (36).

Most research indicates that green tea has stronger antioxidant properties than black tea, but one study found that green and black teas exhibited equally effective antioxidant capacities (35, 37, 38).

Though both contain caffeine, black tea usually has more making green the better choice for people sensitive to this stimulant. Furthermore, green tea contains more L-theanine, an amino acid thats calming and can balance the effects of caffeine (33).

However, if youre looking for a caffeine boost that is not as strong as coffee, black tea could be a great option for you.

Keep in mind that both black and green tea contain tannins, which can bind to minerals and reduce their absorption capacity. Therefore, tea may be best consumed between meals (39).

Green tea may have a slightly better antioxidant profile than black tea, but black tea is best if you want a powerful caffeine buzz.

Green and black tea provide similar health benefits, including for your heart and brain.

While green tea may contain more powerful antioxidants, the evidence does not strongly favor one tea over the other.

Both contain the stimulant caffeine and L-theanine, which has a calming effect.

In short, both are great additions to your diet.

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Green Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better for Your Health?

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Tea is the worlds most frequently consumed beverage after water. Coffee is also incredibly popular (1, 2).

In the United States, more than 85% of adults consume caffeine regularly, with an average daily intake of 180 mg, which is the amount of caffeine in about 2 cups of coffee (2).

People consume green tea and coffee for their characteristic taste and health benefits.

You may enjoy a cup of coffee by brewing roasted and ground coffee beans, while you can prepare green tea by steeping the unfermented leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, also known as the tea plant (1).

This article compares the benefits and downsides of coffee and green tea, as well as healthy and less healthy ways to prepare them.

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant drug worldwide, and its naturally found in coffee and tea. In fact, coffee and tea are often the most predominant sources of caffeine in a persons diet (2, 3, 4).

However, coffee provides more than three times the amount of caffeine than green tea. An 8-ounce (240 mL) serving of coffee provides 96 mg of caffeine, while the same amount of green tea provides 29 mg (5, 6).

According to research, intakes of 400 mg of caffeine per day are considered safe for adults. However, the recommended limit drops to 100 mg per day for teenagers and 2.5 mg/kg per day for children (2).

Caffeine is one of the most studied substances, due to its multiple beneficial health effects. These include (4, 7, 8, 9, 10):

Evidence also suggests caffeine has protective effects on brain health, reducing the risk of dementia and other degenerative diseases (11, 12, 13).

Some studies have even linked caffeine intake with a lowered risk of developing type 2 diabetes (14, 15, 16).

However, research on caffeine and diabetes seems inconclusive, and further evidence suggests that it may actually increase blood sugar levels (17, 18).

Scientists need to do more research on the potential effects of caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant drug naturally found in coffee and tea. However, coffee provides about three times the amount of caffeine as green tea.

Green tea and coffee have multiple health benefits in common, including their high antioxidant content and weight loss effects.

Free radicals play numerous beneficial roles in your body. However, in excess, they lead to oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is a harmful process that can negatively affect your health by causing disease and speeding up the aging process (19).

Luckily, coffee and green tea are loaded with antioxidants compounds with beneficial effects against oxidative stress.

Theyre both particularly rich in a group of antioxidants called polyphenols. In both drinks, these are responsible for many of their benefits and flavor (20).

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and chlorogenic acid (CGA), are the most abundant polyphenols in green tea and coffee, respectively. Studies in test tubes, animals, and humans suggest they may have potent anticancer effects (21, 22, 23).

For instance, EGCG may hinder tumor growth and spread, and it may lead to tumor cell death (24, 25, 26).

Its anti-inflammatory effect may help prevent the chronic inflammation involved in the onset of cancer (21).

On the other hand, CGA appears to inhibit tumor growth and promote cancer cell death (21, 23).

Studies suggest that EGCG in green tea may have a beneficial effect against cancer cells in head and neck tumors, as well as in lung, prostate, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer cells (21, 26).

In contrast, coffees CGA may have beneficial effects against liver, endometrial, and skin cancers (21).

Additionally, CGA may also benefit heart health and blood sugar control by regulating blood triglyceride levels and improving how your cells respond to the hormone insulin (23, 27, 28).

Coffees CGA and green teas EGCG, together with caffeine, provide both drinks with weight loss properties.

Animal studies show that CGA may lower insulin, blood cholesterol, and triglycerides in the blood. It may also decrease levels of leptin a hunger-regulating hormone leading to reduced weight and visceral fat (29, 30).

Visceral fat is the fat stored inside the abdomen around the organs. Its linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes (31).

Similarly, animal studies show that EGCG also leads to weight loss and reduced visceral fat by promoting fat breakdown (32).

It also helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which help burn fat and improve insulin sensitivity, among other beneficial effects (32, 33, 34).

Furthermore, studies have found that caffeine is associated with weight loss. It appears to (35, 36):

BAT has the potential to produce large amounts of heat and modulate fat and glucose metabolism (36, 37).

L-theanine is an amino acid naturally present in tea, including green tea. This compound is known to affect the brain, increasing feelings of calm alertness (38).

One study gave about the same amount of L-theanine to participants as they might consume in 6.8 ounces (200 mL) of tea, or about one serving. The participants who drank the L-theanine had more alpha brainwave activity, which indicates a calm, alert mental state (38).

Evidence shows that green tea is associated with a reduced risk of stroke, diabetes, and depression (39).

Meanwhile, coffee is linked to reduced heart disease mortality (39).

Coffee and green tea are loaded with antioxidants that provide anticancer properties. They may also help you lose weight. L-theanine in green tea may promote a calm, alert mental state.

Though both coffee and green tea are known for their benefits, they may also have some drawbacks.

On one hand, added ingredients such as sweeteners, creamers, and flavored syrups may significantly increase your coffee or teas calorie and sugar count.

Research shows that sweetened coffee and tea are among the foods that contribute to high sugar intake in U.S. adults. This is associated with weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and dental cavities (40, 41).

On the other hand, even though caffeine is considered a beneficial drug, consuming too much of it may lead to unwanted side effects, such as caffeine-induced anxiety and sleep disorders (42).

Evidence suggests that chronic intakes of caffeine may lead to increased alertness and anxiety. If consumed in high doses of over 400 mg per day, it can worsen symptoms of anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia (13, 42, 43).

Furthermore, caffeine use may lead to caffeine dependence in some people. Those who have caffeine dependence may have caffeine withdrawal and may continue to use caffeine despite experiencing harmful effects (42, 44).

Theres evidence that oils naturally present in coffee, including cafestol and kahweol, may increase blood cholesterol levels (45).

An analysis of studies found that consuming coffee made without a paper filter was associated with increased total and LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood (45).

However, the authors found that peoples cholesterol levels didnt rise when they drank coffee that was made using a paper coffee filter (45).

Consuming too much caffeine is one potential downside of coffee and green tea, and may come with several detrimental effects. Regularly adding sugar to your coffee or tea may also lead to health issues.

Coffee and green tea may provide multiple health benefits. However, the way you prepare them can make the difference between a nutritious or less nutritious beverage.

Follow these tips to brew a healthy cup:

You may make a healthier cup of coffee or tea just by avoiding added sugars and full fat milk or creamers or by adding ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, and lemon juice.

Green tea and coffee are both safe beverages that provide you with the benefits of caffeine and antioxidants. Both are also associated with a decreased risk of certain diseases.

However, people with anxiety, insomnia, and panic disorders should consider choosing green tea over coffee due to its lower caffeine content and because it contains L-theanine an amino acid that promotes a state of calm alertness (54, 55).

Coffees higher caffeine content may more easily lead to caffeine dependence compared with that of green tea.

On the flip side, coffee would be a more suitable choice if youre looking for increased alertness or improved physical performance (4, 56).

Determining which is better ultimately comes down to your specific needs.

Green tea and coffee are both healthy and safe. Green tea may be a better choice for people with anxiety or insomnia. In contrast, coffee may suit you better if youre looking for increased alertness or improved physical performance.

Green tea and coffee are two healthy staple drinks in many peoples diets.

They share many health benefits, such as anticancer effects and weight loss properties due to their caffeine and antioxidant content.

They also share the potential downsides associated with commonly added ingredients, such as sugar, creamers, and flavored syrups.

Considering coffees higher caffeine content and green teas L-theanine content may help you decide which one is better for you.

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Green Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better for Your Health?

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Foods That Can Cause Acne – YouBeauty

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When you have acne as a teenager or adult, all you want is for it to go away and never come back. It impacts your self-image, your mood, and your mental health.

And there are so many aspects of your skincare routine that can impact acne. Everything from your makeup to skincare products to medications and diet impact what your skin looks like and how it feels.

You probably know that drinking enough water helps your body flush out toxins that allow your skin and all your other organs, but there are a surprising amount of foods that often lead to acne.

Of course, you know that one person with perfect poreless skin who eats fast food daily, but they are an anomaly. That is not the norm.

No one wants to change their diet or stop eating deliciously unhealthy foods, but sometimes just cutting back on certain things can clear up your skin more than you ever thought.

So, what foods should you avoid to keep your skin clear and glowing?

Pasta Pasta may be one of your favorite carbs, but regular pasta can wreak havoc on your skin. Why? Well, white bread and pasta release sugar in your body and crash. This can cause skin damage, inflammation, fatigue, and worsen skin conditions like acne or rosacea. This doesnt mean you can never have pasta again by trying to opt for other versions like whole foodsgluten-free pasta, vegetable pasta, and chickpea pasta are better choices when it comes to your skin.

Milk Milk and dairy, in general, tend to contain a high level of hormones that can poorly interact with your skin, especially if you are suffering from hormonal acne. In the same way, hormonal birth control can regulate your hormones and reduce acne; milk products can do the opposite. Milk, even skim milk, can increase acne. Drinking milk or heavy creams may have the most significant impact, so avoiding those and opting for almond or oat milk is best for your skin.

Too much cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products can have the same effect, but not always as intensely. You dont necessarily need to cut out dairy, but reducing your intake can make a noticeable difference.

Dessert We all love cakes, cookies, and danishes, but the high calorie and sugar content without any nutritional benefits have a high likelihood of leading to acne. These foods contain high levels of sugars and fats that increase your bodys production of hormones that increase oil production and lead to acne.

Coffee drinks also fall under this umbrella. Unlike black coffee or coffee with a splash of almond milk, coffee drinks like frappucinos or lattes contain intense carbs, sugars, and caffeine levels. This stresses the body out intensely. The reason you might feel tired after having a drink like this is that all those levels rise quickly and drop just as fast. That sudden change increases your bodys production of cortisol, resulting in acne.

If you want caffeine opt for a simple coffee or green tea instead.


Although the idea that chocolate leads to acne has been debunked, other candies like gummy candy or hard candy are much more damaging. A small amount of dark chocolate provides you with essential antioxidants to help your skin. Fruit-flavored sweets do not offer any level of nutrition, meaning they are only producing harmful reactions within the body, resulting in acne.

Now, this is still a controversial subject. Some scientists argue that your diet doesnt directly correlate with your skin, but it has been proven true for others. It seems that hormones and genes also play a role in how your skin reacts to certain foods. But, if you are struggling with acne and find that practical skincare products arent helping, changing your diet may do the trick.

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Foods That Can Cause Acne - YouBeauty

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Can certain foods really stave off dementia? – Deccan Herald

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Walnuts can improve cognitive function. Blueberries can boost memory. Fish oil supplements can lower your risk of Alzheimers disease.

You may have noticed these buzzy brain food claims scattered across online health articles and social media feeds. But can certain foods or diets really stave off or prevent dementia?

Experts say that while nutrition studies are notoriously challenging to carry out, there is a compelling and ever-growing body of research that does suggest that some foods and diets may offer real benefits to an aging brain. So we spoke with two dozen researchers and pored over the research to better understand the links between diet and dementia.

Pillars of a brain-boosting diet

Scientists dont yet know for certain what causes Alzheimers disease, the most common form of dementia. And there is no medication that can reverse it, said DrUma Naidoo, the director of nutritional and metabolic psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of This Is Your Brain on Food.

But, she said, we can impact how we eat.

Research shows that people with certain conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are more likely than those without such conditions to experience age-related cognitive decline. And the risks of developing those conditions can be increased by poor diet and a lack of exercise, suggesting there are things you can do to lower the chances of developing dementia, Naidoo said.

Two diets in particular, the Mediterranean diet and the MIND diet both of which encourage fresh produce, legumes and nuts, fish, whole grains and olive oil have been shown in scientific studies to offer strong protection against cognitive decline.

One study, published in 2017, analysed the diets and cognitive performance of more than 5,900 older USadults. Researchers found that those who most closely adhered to either the Mediterranean diet or the MIND diet had a 30 per centto 35 per centlower risk of cognitive impairment than those who adhered to these diets less closely.

Pretty much anything that will help keep arteries healthy will reduce risk of dementia, said DrWalter Willett, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T HChan School of Public Health. And DrRonald Petersen, a neurologist and the director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimers Disease Research Center, agreed: Whats good for the heart is good for the brain.

Leafy greens

One big change you can make to your diet, Naidoo said, is to up your plant game. Leafy greens are packed with nutrients and fiber, and some solid evidence has linked them with slower age-related cognitive decline.

In one randomised controlled trial performed in Israel and published this year, for instance, researchers took brain scans of more than 200 people who had been split into three diet groups. They found that after 18 months, those who followed a green Mediterranean diet one rich in Mankai (a nutrient-packed green plant), green tea and walnuts had the slowest rate of age-related brain atrophy. Those who followed a traditional Mediterranean diet were close behind. Those who followed regular healthy diet guidelines which was less plant-based and allowed for more processed and red meat than the other two diets had greater declines in brain volume.

These neuroprotective effects were especially pronounced in people 50 and older.

Colorful fruits and vegetables

The more colorful the produce on your plate, the better the food usually is for your brain, several experts said.

In one 2021 observational study, researchers followed more than 77,000 people for about 20 years. They found that those with diets high in flavonoids natural substances found in colorful fruits and vegetables, chocolate and wine were less likely than those who consumed fewer flavonoids to report signs of cognitive aging.

The MIND diet specifically points to berries, good sources of fiber and antioxidants, as having cognitive benefits. One study published in 2012 looked at more than 16,000 people ages 70 and older for more than a dozen years. It concluded that older women who ate more blueberries and strawberries had delayed rates of cognitive decline: perhaps by up to 2.5 years.

I dont think there are miracle foods, but, of course, its really good to eat the fruits and vegetables, said DrAllison Reiss, a member of the medical, scientific and memory screening advisory board at the Alzheimers Foundation of America.


Many types of seafood, in particular fatty fish, are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been long associated with better brain health and reduced risk of age-related dementia or cognitive decline.

Fish is brain food, said DrMitchel Kling, the director of the memory assessment program at the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

One specific omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA found in cold-water, fatty fish, like salmon, is the most prevalent brain fat, said Lisa Mosconi, the director of the Alzheimers Prevention Program at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Our bodies cannot make enough DHA on their own, Mosconi said. We have to provide it from the diet, which is a strong argument toward eating fish.

According to Willett, about two to three servings per week will provide virtually all the benefit.

Nuts, whole grains, legumes and olive oil

Nuts and seeds have been repeatedly linked to slower cognitive decline.

In one 2021 review of 22 studies on nut consumption involving nearly 44,000 people, researchers found that those at high risk of cognitive decline tended to have better outcomes if they ate more nuts specifically walnuts. However, the authors acknowledged some inconsistency among the studies and inconclusive evidence.

Another study, published in 2014, looked at about 16,000 women ages 70 and up between 1995 and 2001. Researchers found that women who said they consumed at least five servings of nuts per week had better cognitive scores than those who did not eat nuts.

Whole grains, as well as legumes, like lentils and soybeans, also appear to have benefits for heart health and cognitive function. In one 2017 study of more than 200 people in Italy ages 65 and older, researchers found an association between consuming three servings of legumes per week and higher cognitive performance.

And olive oil, a main component of both the Mediterranean and MIND diets, has strong links with healthy cognitive aging. One 2022 study of more than 92,000 U.S. adults found that higher intakes of olive oil were associated with a 29% lower risk of dying from neurodegenerative disease and 8%t to 34% lower risk of mortality overall when compared with those who never or rarely consumed olive oil.

Supplements are no substitute

According to the experts we spoke with, there is little to no evidence that dietary supplements including fatty acids, vitamin B or vitamin E will reduce cognitive decline or dementia.

Supplements cannot replace a healthy diet, Mosconi said.

One major study of about 3,500 older adults, for instance, concluded that taking omega-3 supplements, which are often marketed as supporting brain health, did not slow cognitive decline.

When it comes to supplements like fish oil, Willett said, you dont need to load up like a seal. Instead, Petersen, of the Mayo Clinic, said, remember this pithy adage: If it comes from a plant, eat it. If its made in a plant, dont eat it.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

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Can certain foods really stave off dementia? - Deccan Herald

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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Kombucha – Tasting Table

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Kombucha tea is packed with fizzy, fermented flavor, and according to Healthline, it also contains health benefits most famously its probiotic content. According to the Denver Post, kombucha is made by brewing black or green tea and adding it to sugar and SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha runs through three steps before the final product is complete, says Live Eat Learn.

During the first stage, which takes one to four weeks, the SCOBY is made, which allows for the fermentation process, states Live Eat Learn. SCOBY provides the yeast and bacteria that ferments the tea. The next step involves the first fermentation process, which makes the kombucha. Live Eat Learn tells us that this step lasts six to ten days. Finally, the third and final step involves the second fermentation, which lasts for three to ten days. You can experiment with fun flavors during the final process by adding honey, fruits, ginger, or chia seeds to the kombucha. Carbonation occurs during these last few weeks, transforming your tea into something quite magical.

Aside from the fantastic fruity fizz kombucha provides, the beverage also delivers a handful of health benefits, says Healthline. According to a National Library of Medicine study, kombucha is rich in probiotics, a "good" bacteria found naturally in the intestines. This good bacteria helps reduce inflammation and improve immune function. According to the Cleveland Clinic, probiotics encourage a healthy bacterial environment in the gut, helping you stay healthy.

Studies by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry indicate that tea, especially green tea, protects LDL ("bad") cholesterol particles from oxidizing. Oxidation of these particles is known to contribute to heart disease. Studies from the National Library of Medicine also suggest that people who drink green tea have a much lower risk of developing heart disease. So, kombucha made with green tea may also help protect against heart disease.

Blood sugar levels have also been studied. A review conducted in 2012 listed in the National Library of Medicine showed that kombucha helped manage blood sugar levels in diabetic rats. More studies are needed to find whether the same is true for humans; however, 2018 research listed in the National Library of Medicine suggests that kombucha potentially reduces blood sugar levels and increases insulin production. Many kombucha teas contain added sugars which may raise blood sugar levels. So it is always wise to consult with your doctor before consuming foods or beverages containing sugar. The CDC states that up to 12 ounces of kombucha can safely be consumed daily.

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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Kombucha - Tasting Table

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